Your Skin is your First Protection.

The Skin Reflex Different Aspect from the General Health, Specially the Diet and the Life Style.
The skin the more extensive organ, the weight around 6 to 11 pounds. With the extension of more that two meter. Few parts from the parts from the body are regenerate quick like the skin. The external strato the Epidermis is renew every month, at the velocity of 30,000 death squamous cells for minute. The external exposition and the dynamics can carry problems, like eruptions, spots, sores and eczema. Also can show cutaneous tumors for the exposition to toxic and chemical substances or the ultraviolet radiation of the other type.
The skin is one of the most important organs our organism. Where there is a lose more of the 40% of extension in case of burned, is almost impossible the life. The skin act like protect barrier that aisle the organism from the environment that surrounded, protege and contribute to keep the integrity from the structures, and the same time act like communication system with the entorn.

The Skin and the Principals Functions.


Act again the friction like physical barrier. The stratos of externals cells are strongly interwoven but permit such flexibility and are occupied totally for the hard protein keratin.
Avoid the lose of the excessive absorption of water.
Again the infections, chemical, ultraviolet irradiation, toxic particle and protection. The protection again the wave longitudes of wave UVA and UVB are invisibles to the human eye, and the skin is protected with one melanin pigment, the melanin pigment, it formed the superior part from the epidermis is one protected screen.
The presence of solar light, our skin allow the synthesis and production of vitamin D, important in the Calcium metabolismo.

The corporal temperature regulation through the dilatation and contraction of the blood vessels, the sudation and the hair adaptation. When the body is hot, the blood vessels from the dermis are wide and their more blood fluge and lose of hit from the superfies, the skin are rush and the sudation produce get cold in the corporal superficies. If the body are cold, the blood vessels are narrow to avoid the lose of hit, also the hair are arise for trap the air in the aisle slate.
Through the skin are perceive the sensations of pain, tact and temperature. For the existence of great variety of micro receptors with the number and density varied from the body to one part to another. The skin from the finger print present more that 3000 receptor to the light tact for the precise detection of sensations. Every type of receptor is distributed in one different deep according the functions. The corpusculum of Puccini are located in the deep of the nervous free terminations are located in all the kind of conjunctive tissue. Corpusculum of Ruffini, reaction the tact and to the lingh pressure are located in the pal from the hands, sole from the feeds, lips, eyelid, external genital and pezon.


The Stratus from the Skin.
The skin have three stratos from the surface to the deep are; Epidermis, Dermis and Hypodermis.
The Epidermis is the most external part from the skin. It’s located above the dermis and is formed exclusive for the epithelial cells that keratinocytes kind.

What determine the color from the Skin.
The color from the skin depend from type and amount of two pigment of melanin (pheomelanin and the eumelanin) and the distribution from the pigments granules. The melanocyte produce his pigments in form of granules that displace for the melanosomes and discharge in the cellules. The dark skin present melanocytes more bigs, the skin clear posse melanoses more small. The exposition to radiation UV stimul the melanocytes and the dark skin.

The Epidermis the superficial stratums is divide in five partes

Basal Stratum is formed for cylindrical cells and melanocytes that give the pigment to the skin. Malpighian Stratum is above the basal stratum. The cells are formed and united in bouquet between 6-20 and are united with the membrane.

Granulosum stratum is composed in rows from flat cells. In this strato the cells are dead and formed the cornea layer.

Lucid Stratum is above over the anterior, formed a semi transparent layer.
Corneo Stratum Is forme for rows of death cells, without nuclei and are dehydrated. This small cells have in the interior keratin and grease.

The dermis is the slay from the sin situated under the epidermis and formed connecte with it. The protector function, represent the second line of defense again the traumatismo. Storage the most of tactile receptors. Is the mixture of collagen, elastin and other type of tissue. Is formed for two layers dermis superior is a superficial zone for laxo connective tissue and dermis profund.
The Hypodermis is the subcutaneous layer from the skin, constitute for connective laxo tissue is the continuation in profundity from the dermis. The collagen and elastin fibers are connected directly with the dermis and take all the directions principaly to the skin superficie.

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Types of Skin Skin

# 1. Normal. Sin is such with hydrolipidic mante is correctly formed with amount of lipids is ideal. Means a balance in hydration and the production in oil in areas with tendency to get dry and breakout.

# 2. Grease Skin. This kind of skin present a mayor activity from the sebaceous glands. Have a constant production of grease in the name are T with high tendency to keep oil the forehead, nose and chin.

# 3. Dry Skin. One correct function barrie presupone one cutane superficie, flexible without fissures, breakout and with imperceptible descamation. The development is consequence from
disminution in the water content. Characterized for the presence of rough, desquamation, lose of flexibility and elasticity, breakout and hyperkeratosis.

# 4. Sensible Skin. Is such skin with the tolerance inferior umbral compere with the normal skin, means reacting in front to stimulus to which one normal skin not reaction, suffer incommodity sensation like hit, stretched effect, rushed and fragil effect.

# 5. Mixte Skin. It’s the most complex skin for the presence of oily areas and dry areas. The oily area is well know that “T” zone that comfort the forehead, the nose and the chin. This is characterized for the presence of expanded pores and oil skin tallow and black points. The eyes area is dry, special in the eyelid are need special care with nourishment product to keep the moisturized. You want more moisturized for the dry
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