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Why Coronavirus Cause SART

Influenza Prevention or Outbreak


Why Corona-virus or COVID-19  is Dangerous.

Corona-virus or COVID19 (named for the year from outbreak) is a big family of virus called from the microscopical appearance like a crow, that disease is common in mammal-like camels, cattle, cats and bats.  Lastly, there was a report  about outbreak in Hubei Provence China where it  is spreading to many and produce deaths.

There are a wide diversity of virus in existence. This microorganism is characterized  for being highly contagious, in humans and sometimes this virus is mutated in diverse strain from animals to humans.

The diversity of this virus  is huge,  the organic appearance and virulence is named:  Adenovirus, Rhinovirus,  Influenza type A, Corona-virus, to give some examples.  Some of them are really trouble makers and killers.

This characteristic and behavior are different from one to the another, and sometimes the people get panic about calling everything can be Corona-virus COVID-19  until showing the opposite. The magnitude of the problem depends on how extensive and contagious one infected person can provoke the outbreak to grow to pandemic (Globally spreading)

In human start like cold, fever or respiratory track disease that progress to complications: like pneumonia. It’s a killer virus for the highly virulence from contagious and complication the people death for respiratory distress.

How COVID19 Symptoms Progress


Why Coronavirus Cause SART (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome)

Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome

The Coronavirus have been present in the past; for the location  MERS was named Middle East Respiratory Syndrome

The SART produce from the Coronavirus is named COVID-19

Is typically transmitted by person to person among close contacts via respiratory droplets generated by sneezing and coughing.

The initial symptoms are flu like and may include fever (more that 100) lethargic, cough, sore throat and another symptoms like lose of appetite, most all patients distinguished with fever more that 100 ºF.  Fever is the symptom where the disease is highly contagions.

The more dangerous from the disease is that progress to shortness of breath and pneumonia either viral or secondary to bacterial Pneumonia.

The incubation period from SARS is about 4-6 days although rarely it could be as short as 1 or 14 days.

One person can be port the virus for 11 days without symptoms with high capacity to spread this person name asymptomatic carrier. For this reason the possible infected people is keep in isolation for more than 40 days to avoid the propagation from the virus.


Is Corona-virus Health Emergency?

The World Health Organization declared the outbreak a Public Health Emergency

The mission should review and support efforts to investigate the animal source of the outbreak from COVID-19, the clinical spectrum of the disease and the severity, the extent of human to human transmission in the community and in healthcare facilities, and effort to control the outbreak.

The challenge is every virus infection is highly virulent and symptomatic for this specific Corona-virus not exist vaccine yet and the treatment is only symptomatic. The preventive steps should be, stop the propagation from the virus.  Follow the hands washing, avoid the spread of virus coughing of sneeze in public using a special facial mask to avoid to breath contagious droplets.

Engage your personal care improving your immune system; eating well, sleeping no less that 8  hrs and take care more of your health.

The preventive procedure for the Corona-virus COVID-19  should be a pharmaco or the immunization to avoid the development  from this disease and the complications. Don’t be panic just take precaution and preventive procedures to avoid this undesired infection.

C O N C L U S I O N:

Covid 19 is a contagious diseas that affects the respiratory system. Presented symptom of onset as a simple flu picture that can progress to a deeper disease. A lugn disease such as Pneumonia and other systemic manifestacions that can lead to death in people with a depressed immune system.

Share this post with your friends, coworkers  and family in this way they will know how to do and avoid it. Try to play safe in all the thing you do washing your hands, use mask when you are in the crow because we don’t know the people with symptoms are only the source of contagious for others.

Coronavirus Disease 2019

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