Do you Have Passion for the things You Love?

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Great! I’ll be available to share my project and work with you. I love to help and encourage you, to find the best shape from you. I living in the North east of America. I like have strong relationship with my Father and my close family. I love to write, take care of my body with exercise routine, my health with healthy food and meditation. I sharing every time this valuable information with you.

I know you have a passion. Passion means power and energy from your human body. That energy that help you to move and accomplished everything in your path.

Is work for the dream that you want in your life. The passion to get the things done. Challenge yourself because you’re capable to do more that your image, leave your comfort zone and image big. The limit is the skate.

The way to get success shows in some studies the attitude and motivation are keywords. Around 40 years of research according Neuroscience from Harvard University show up the 88% from the cases; the attitude is essential in the development of successful life.

Your self stem is the personal value. Your value is something very precious for you philological been. The ego is the nuclear value from the person, your value is determined from the rest of the people.

Everybody have strength and weakness. Your strength are terminated for your naturals talents, the thing you’re excel in do it. If you don’t know you has. Maybe you need to explore such thing you really love. The development of your talents help you to find your truth passion.

Your passion is the compass wich you will get the direction from your life. Find what is that talent or attitude with which you get lose in the time. You get so fascinated about that activity that get easy, genius and interesting and you enjoying doing that again.


There are people who enjoy life in Plenitude in their hobby or regular activity. Such kind of persons who enjoy teaching, painting, take pictures, hand writing, building business, develop the most precious desire from their heart.

The passion is the motion that help you to find the WHY to live, the compromise that help you to find your path for essence from your life.

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