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Wellness with Regular Meditation

Wellness in your Mental Health is improving regular meditation sessions in the workplace ensures there is a set time for everyone to invest in their health. It also shows that an organisation values mental health and is supportive of staff in this regard. Meditation is a great way to reduce stress, manage mood and become more present, all things that are beneficial in a workplace.

Improving the mental health of staff is great for individuals but also hugely beneficial to organisations as it improves performance. There are a range of ways that organisations can support staff and their mental health, with these four strategies being a great start to an ongoing focus on the topic.

Wellbeing days

Workplaces can implement a wellbeing day option that staff can access when they feel they need some time to work on their health. It might be one day available for each individual to take throughout the year to go to appointments, get a massage or simply focus on their mental health, or it may be a group initiative where all employees participate in heath activities on the same day. Regardless of the format that suits your organisation, wellbeing days give people an opportunity to dedicate time to improving or maintaining their mental health.

Access to counselling and Wellness.

Work can be stressful; having options for staff counselling is a great way for organisations to show that they support employees and value mental health. Many companies have an external party available to provide counselling services, ensuring that the sessions remain anonymous and staff members feel comfortable being honest and open.

Flexible work conditions that promote your Mental Health

Life can be complicated; having flexible work conditions helps to facilitate work life balance, which in turn assists in the maintenance of good mental health. By having flexible start times or the ability to go to appointments during the work day, employees feel less restricted and are given the freedom to integrate their personal and professional lives. It also makes it easier for staff to attend counselling or other therapy sessions without stigma or the stress of getting time of off.

5 Steps to Maintaining Your Wellness

Maintaining a good mental health is extremely important to being able to live a functional, fulfilling life. Just like physical health, mental health requires investment to keep it in good condition. Here are five steps to maintain your mental health to ensure you can live life to the fullest.

1.Eat a balanced Diet

A good diet is critical to both mental and physical health. Eating a balanced diet will ensure we get the required vitamins and nutrients to keep our bodies and mind performing in a positive way. Make sure you include plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables in your diet, as well as lean meat, in your diet to keep your mental health Exercise regularly

2.Exercise regularly

Just like a good diet, regular exercise is good for both physical and mental health. It provides an opportunity to release any stress and tension we have been feeling, while also getting our body moving. Exercise releases endorphins which makes us feel happier, contributing to a health mental state.

3. Removing triggers.

We all have triggers that can negatively impact our mental health. This might be certain situations, tasks or people. To maintain optimum mental health, remove these negative triggers from your life. We face enough unexpected challenges and obstacles as it is without having regular negative triggers impacting our mental health.

4. Establishing and maintain positive relationships for Mental Health

As mentioned above, there are some people who can negatively impact our mental health. It can be difficult accepting this fact and removing them from our lives (or at least reducing the time spent with them), however eliminating negative influences can go a long way in improving one’s mental health.

On the other hand, spending time and building strong relationships with people who have a positive impact on your life can make your mental health flourish. Surround yourself with people who are supportive, inspiring and kind, the type of people who will encourage you to follow your dreams and be there to pick you up if you fall.

5. Reduce alcohol consumption and avoid drugs

Alcohol and rugs act as a depressant and can be extremely detrimental to mental health. Make an effort to reduce your intake or even eliminate them from your life to make sure your mental health is optimised.  You don’t need to poisoned your body with addictive and destructive substances, always the abuse is perjudicial from the health.

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Steps in the development of better Mental Health

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