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What Build You Up.

What the Nutrients do For You.

Today one truth challenge is the deficit of micro-nutrients (vitamins, minerals, and essential amino acids) that keep the body secure, well grow and maintain the vital functions; that is the reason Nutrition is good for you.

The parameter related to nutritious diet establishes, the graphic representation of the main meals with the daily intake, taking through the pyramid called Nutritional pyramid other models called the nutritional train. Through this, you can learn how do you choose the best nutrients.

Healthy meals

Vitamins and micro-nutrients.

There are two types of nutrients: the simples o micro-nutrients and the complex or micro-nutrients.

Macro-nutrients: carbohydrates, proteins and grease and lipids.

Micro-nutrients: minerals, salt (NaCl, KCL and NHCl)

Lip soluble vitamins: D2, D3, E and K.

Hydro-soluble vitamins: B1, B2, B3, B4, B5 , B12, C. Biotina and Folic acid.


Macro elements: Ca, Mg, Na I and Fe.

Micro-elements: Cu, Zn and Fluor.

Vitamins and healthy food.

The base of the pyramid, the major size of this represented with the cereals or grain, principally integral grains, that constantly the base of the diet. In the middle of the pyramid is found vegetable and fruit, that help to keep energy more natural and without side effects.

To have the security to obtain more of the middle of our calories of complex carbohydrates is precise the consumption of these portions suggested in this group. The groups diminish the size that is close to the vertex of the pyramid, the amount of meals is represented in this group is less than you need to keep your health.

The vertex of the pyramid represents the little group of a meal, like grease, oils, and sugar which you need to consume less.

Even the size of the meals is not the same, which means that are the same equivalent proportions. For example, half a cup of cup of cook rice has the same energetic content in Kcal that less of 6 oz of celery. That means the volume are different in comparison with the caloric value.

Macro and micro nutrients
Macro and micro nutrients


The most healthy drink is 100% water

The human body is composed of about the 55-70% of water, depend on the complexion. The metabolic activity, for example, the oxidation of the grease or carbohydrate, generate such amount of water; without else, the metabolic water is sufficient for the compensation of loss through the urine, sweat, faeces, transpiration or breath. To keep the hydrate balance from the body is necessary the consumption of water. The water it is absorbed around the liquid drink or from the meals, between the fruits, fresh vegetables with high percentages unto 85% similar to many drinks

Vital liquit
Water vital liquid

Vitamins and the benefit of balanced diet.

The relationship between the energy consumption and the waste of energy is the energetic balance. When you intake some meals, you are getting energy when you waste the same amount of energy that consumes in the day.

We talked about one equilibrium  balance, when the less waste amount of energy from the consumer in the day we talked about positive balance.  The contrary is waste more power from the consumer, it refers to a negative balance.

Exist such situations where it is necessary to have a positive balance, for example in the pregnancy, latency, childhood, adolescent or when some disease, or lesion there or loss weight. The contrary is to wish for a negative balance when weight gain can get a healthy level

The presence of multiple diseases is familiar with the deficiency of good Nutrition,  the amount in  the excess or deficit, or lousy quality. Some examples: anemia, atherosclerosis, diabetes mellitus, obesity, arterial hypertension, a deficit of vitamins, malnutrition, bulimia, anorexia and some types of cancer.

Such diseases that affect the small intestine can provoke the nutrients’ right absorption, like the Celiac disease without treatment and Crohn disease.

Here some examples of junk food are common in many houses: hamburgers, wiener, fried potatoes, fried tortilla and some frozen product for microwave preparation, gaseous drinks and others. This type of food is prevalent for the easy preparation (industrialized food) need refrigeration and the expiration is large their price is low and wide commercial distribution. This food has high salt levels, with the consumption produce an excess of dopamine and Orexin that elevated the sensation or pleasure and reward.

One person eats a pizza and soda with the amount of 4000 Kcal and she is sittings in the telephone talking all day and the waste is 2000 calories with that positive energy balance gain weight.

One person consumes about a bowl of cereal with a total of 1000 and with the skidding ice mountains the waste 3000 calories with the energy balance is harmful and lose the weight.

A person consumes 3000 kcal food and plays football and the waste is 3000 calories. The result is the equilibrium balance with keeping the weight.

Between the extremes of the optimal health and the death from hunger or malnutrition, several pathological states that caused o improved  dietary changes. The lack, excess or imbalance in the diet can negatively impact health and produce diseases such as obesity, hyper-cholesterolemia, osteoporosis and  have  Physiologic and behavioral problems. The science of Nutrition tries to understand how and why such a specific aspect in the diet impact in the health.

Is very important to know what is necessary to keep the macro nutrients and micro-nutrient in balance, in this way your body can not break down easily. Please share this post with your friends if you think it’ll be beneficial from them, specially in time where if you alive is a bless.

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