There is approved a new vaccine again the Paludism or Malaria

The Vaccine again the Paludism

This vaccine protegé again the four types of Paludism, with different degree of efficacy in every one kind. After many years of research and trial, finally, it gets health license and approved for the Sanitary again Risk Protection of Federal Commissioner (Cofepris) for the commercialization in Mexico.

The Malaria is in Africa and similar to Paludism in South America. 

Only there depend on the cepa of virus in the vector (mosquito), this disease is widespread in the tropical and subtropical region around the Ecuador, Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Most of the type, the endemic areas are associated with poverty, lack of hygiene care of the environment.


The global warming it is a factor, because of the pollutes reservoirs for the mosquitos most of this vectors, like the storage water where are depose his eggs for the continuation of their life cycle; are spreading explosively.  The clime and the temperature are factor for the effective reproductions. The mosquito always is the host and propagator of many infect-contagious diseases.

The  Paludism or dengue is one big problem of public health and is a fortune to get this tools, that gave the capability to prevent this disease in general, in 2 of three cases; the grave disease, in nine of 10 cases, and the medical intervention (hospital) in 8 of 10 cases.

Actually, the approved of the biologic it’s approved in Mexico, El Salvador,  Costa Rica, Philippines and Brazil’ places highly endemic. All it’s in a regulatory renew in a process for in short time can be put in the market.  The Paludism knows like Malaria in the African Continent.

The 3er. Phase, that is the last state for one vaccine get the registration, they make the register in five different countries, between them; Mexico got 5 centers in Merida, Morelos, and San Luis Potosi. The contribution of three thousand and five hundreds individuals, that form part of the 50 thousand individuals that got the vaccine.

We count with one vaccine again the dengue is a sciences advance for the prevention of development of the disease. It is of great utility to prevent severe cases that required of hospitalization and to get a major risk of complication, adverted the director of general Civil Hospital of Guadalajara, Hector Raul Perez Gomez.

The real consent for all the Health authorities around the world is the outbreak of the Zika virus to spread even in places where it’s not endemic.  The Zika virus is one variety of virus transmitted for the bite of a vector (mosquito) that compromise the health in pregnant woman producing birth defects. This variation of a virus is Pandemic effect around of 4 million people are infected for the Zika virus, with not effectively in the treatment and vaccine.

Writer: Mariana de’Dick

Fount: MedChanel



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