The Woman Changes With the Pregnancy.

The Pregnancy and the Change in the Woman.
Diverse Changes with the Pregnancy
Physical changes
A pregnant woman’s body undergoes many changes around the nine month of  the pregnancy. Some of these physical changes are notorious such as an expanding of the skin, melisma and dryness, growing of the belly, weight gain, at the same time the enlarged of uterus. And some symptomatology like morning sickness, back ache because of the change in the spine. However some of this change most woman experiment physically and there are other ones present inside of the body, especially in the brain.

Physiological changes
The changes in the blood are determinate with the appearance of the conception (human gonadotropin HCG) called the announcer of pregnancy it can find in the urine too. Other hormones are working to keep the pregnancy until the term; like estrogens and progesterone. One study gives evidence of the brain changes in the woman for 2 years after the pregnancy. The pregnancy is development for the function of hormones like estrogen, Progesterone hormones and another that allow the pregnancy before and after the delivery. The confirmation give us this results, The analysis of the brain, we fond reduction of gray are with the purpose to improve, the special memory and home memory.

Hormonal changes
The sexual hormones that give modifications of the brain. The brain of the woman after pregnancy with the decrease of gray are, not conduce to any deficit cognitive; only promote the capacity to be a mother to engage the effective association with the baby and get understanding to the new born. It’s present in all the woman, in less or mayor degree depending on how many pregnancies she was experienced.

Temporal brain changes
The image of the brain play the important place in the maternal conduct (decrease of the gray area). No changes in the woman with natural pregnancy compared with the pregnant assistant. The presence of changes only affect the woman, these changes continued at less for around two years.  The different changes only are temporal; the woman after the pregnancy get some changes in his character regarding the affective engagement with the baby.

Other important changes
Usual changes from the pregnancy; cycle menstrual interruption, changes in the appetite, craving, urgency to urinate, breast changes, get dark skin, abdominal stretch. The presence of anemia which be determine for pale skin and tiredness, the pregnancy is requesting all the kind of nutrients from the mom for the development of the fetus. Extra addition of vitamins and ferrous is requesting in this stage

The Diabetes Mellitus Gestational. It’s conditions is development around the pregnancy and it disappear after the pregnancy. The risk of this kind of Diabetes don’t request insulin. When the woman has Diabetes Mellitus is necessary has in control the glucose to get one normal evolution of the pregnancy and healthy child. Another complication are ectopic pregnancy, Cardiopathy and Hypertension Arterial Systemic this last condition, when don’t get enough control around the pregnancy can progress to Preeclampsia.


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