5 Tips for Lose Weight and BMI mesure


How I Can not Keep my Good Health.

Obesity is defined by how corporal grease excessive is Harmful

How can detect overweight with the BMI parameter

Overweight and obesity are defined by how the corporal grease excessive that is prejudicial from the health.   The right parameter to determine if you are overweight or with obesity is the mass corporal index  BMI. The index of corporal mass is between the weight and is used in adults, children, and teenagers.  It is used for the early detection of overweight especially in people who have concomitants infirmities.

Obesity worldwide is a public health problem, they are millions of people with overweight or obesity. Persons with overweight obesity have the risk to get multiple health problems. Between more corporal grease get or weight more probability to get different medical conditions; Diabetes mellitus, HAS, stroke, respiratory disease, kidney disease, etc.


The principal cause is a bad habit of nourishment, that produces one prevalence of overweight 70% in adult life. In the long term, obesity promotes the presence of diseases like diabetes type II, is a big problem for the National Health Care System;  is the principal cause of death of adults, because of the persons’ death from the complication of obesity like diabetes, high blood pressure, health disease, stroke kidney disease. The first cause of demand medical attention and the disease that consumes the major percentage of waste from the public institutions.

Keep your body in optimal conditions, required to follow one healthy diet; more vegetables, grains, fruits, water with moderation in the ingestion of sugar and salt. Follow a routine of physical activity like, walk or run between 20-30 minutes less three times a week.

How do you know if your height and weight are appropriate for your age?

You can calculate your BMI measure by dividing you’re weigh in kilograms by your height in meters squared. According to the National Health and Medical Research Council and healthy BMI, measure is between 20-25 for most adults.

5 Tips To Help You On Your Weight Loss Journey

The road to weight loss can be a long one. You are surrounded by conflicting advice and faced with the challenges that life throws up, stealing your time and energy away from your weight loss journey. This is no reason to give up. With a little focus and lots of perseverance, you can be on track to achieve your optimum weight. Try these 5 tips to make your weight loss journey go smoothly to get the body you desire.

1. Set goals Goals are a great way to stay motivated.

What is your end goal? What is your ultimate achievement when it comes to weight loss? Define your aspiration and the desired timeline to give your journey some structure.

2. Make a plan You have your end goal, but how exactly are you going to get there?

The key is to define a plan as well as short-term goals that will keep you on track. What things do you need to do each day or each week to make sure you reach your goal? What short-term goals can you set to keep you motivated when the end game seems too far away? Break it down into palatable tasks to make sure you stay motivated.

3. Implement small changes You can not change your entire world overnight.

Start small, things that are realistic and easy to maintain. Have one coffee a day instead of two. Replace soft drinks with sparkling water. Replace Friday night takeaway with homemade pizza. If you try to make too many drastic changes, it’s unlikely you will be able to maintain them may revert to your old habits. Gradual changes will be more likely to stick and help you to adjust your lifestyle to aid in your weight loss journey.

4. Exercise regularly Diet plays a huge role in weight loss, but exercise can assist in this process.

Think about what you can realistically fit into your routine and write up a plan. Putting it on paper makes it more likely you will stick to it. Physical activity is great for mental and physical health and once it becomes a part of your routines, it’s likely you will learn to enjoy it (or at least enjoy the satisfaction and feeling afterward).

5. Meditate Meditation can be an effective tool to remain focused during your weight loss journey.

Mindfulness practice or other meditation exercises can keep you grounded and more aware of your surroundings. Mindful eating is a great way to enjoy your food and be more aware of what you are putting into your body, rather than just eating for the sake of eating.

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