The Effective Lose Weight.

Obesity is defined by how corporal grease excessive is Perjudicial.

How can detect overweight

Overweight and obesity is defined by how the corporal grease excessive that is prejudicial from the health.   The right parameter to determine if you are overweight or with obesity is the mass corporal index (IMC). The index of corporal mass is between the weight and is used in adults, children, and teenagers.  It is used for the early detection of overweight especially in people who have concomitants infirmities.

Obesity worldwide is a public health problem, they are millions of people with overweight or obesity. The persons with an overweight of obesity have the risk to get multiple health problems. Between more corporal grease get or weight more probability to get different medical conditions; Diabetes mellitus, HAS, stroke, respiratory disease, kidney disease, etc.


The principal cause is a bad habit of nourishment, that produce one prevalence of overweight 70% in the adult life. In the long term, obesity promotes the presence of diseases like diabetes type II, is a big problem for the National Health Care System;  is the principal cause of death of adults, because of the persons’ death from the complication of obesity like diabetes, high blood pressure, health disease, stroke kidney disease. The first cause of demand medical attention and the disease that consume the major percentage of waste from the public institutions.
Keep your body in optimal conditions, required to follow one healthy diet; more vegetables, grains, fruits, water with moderation in the ingestion of sugar and salt. Follow a routine of physical activity like, walk or run between 20-30 minutes at less three times at the week.  How do you know if your height and weight are appropriate for your age. You can calculate your BMI by dividing you’re weigh in kilograms by your height in meters squared. According to the National Health and Medical Research Council and healthy BMI is between 20-25 for most adults.

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