The Development of Spiritual Life Promote Health.

How You Can Put Your Body in Balance.

To build a healthy body with healthy eating; a variety of foods that give you the nutrients that maintain the balance; feel good and have energy. These nutrients include protein, carbohydrates, fat, water, vitamins and minerals. The right nutrition keeps the body in all his capabilities, that allow developing energy and good function on every organ. A healthy body means such kind of body without any dysfunction or disease.

On the other hand, a healthy body is promoting wellness. Wellness becomes aware of being a healthy and fulfilling life. Wellness is the process to change and grow a complete state of physical, mental and social well being, in any case with the absence of disease. The sick body can not reflect balance and harmony, it can be in less degree. As soon you are aware of your wellness,, you can look depth to find the core of yourself which is in your spirit.

Also the development of spirituality. The daily activity of the regular meditation in the word of God, strengthen up and building up your spirit. The deep and vital part of your life; it is the spirit. Your life is prescribed for the fulfilling of your breath. If you lost your breath that means, you lost your life. Is very important you keep in balance your breath through it, you show you’re alive. A soon you have breathing problems you life is really in threat.

Without faith, you cannot get accomplishment the levels of health that you’re expected. Do you know, you holy faith can promote your healing. There are different kinds of faith; little a great faith. The little faith or weak is the result of the insufficient information ( word of God). Faith comes by hearing, if you don’t hear and know the word, your faith will never grow. The thing you need to have a Great or strong faith is mediated in the God word and energize you, to get the spiritual strength that makes you well.

When you have spiritual meditation, your life is prone to keep it on the right path. Your are an extent to have stress, depression, defined and incurable disease or hopeless situation. It doesn’t matter what stressful is outside of the environment you have strength and security for the thing you’re expected. You have developed all your muscle of faith, that you know every challenge of trails is the opportunity to put the God word to work on your behalf and you will get the positive outcome to all circumstances.

When you’re facing the crisis of life, you have the spiritual tools to face every adversity. If you don’t have the deep knowledge of God word, your life if be like a ship without any pilot; hat the waves of life comes to you to make you sink. Then you need to exercise your knowledge of God, be impregnated with his word, that equips you to face every enemy, adversity or threat of life.  Glory to God for his word is the wheel for your life, that gives us the opportunity to redirect our destiny.



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