High Levels of Sugar and Insomnia Associate with the Alzheimer.

Association of Hyperglycemia and Insomnia with Alzheimer.

Diabetes is Sweet Bad and Ugly

Hyperglycemia presence  show in the Neuroscience the Alzheimer is a disease irreversible, a progressive brain disorder that slowly destroys memory and thinking ability. The relationship between the high consumption of sugar and associated with function neurodegenerative Alzheimer, Diabetes type II, Obesity and Cardiopathy.

The Alzheimer has a high prevalence. Its cascade of events produce for deposit out of the neuron the brain for a protein called Amyloid and produce the answer the inflammation damage in the neurons, conduce to many cognitive functions for the deposit of this protein b Amyloid. In the Alzheimer, there is a molecular connection between the excess of glucose in the blood, the inflammatory process, and genetic conditions.


Hyperglycemia and neuronal damage.

The sugar is very important for cerebral activity, to keep the levels of glucose. When there is hyperglycemia possible is vascular damage, when the brain has an excess of glucose it does not well nourish that produce damage; the excess in chronic produce fatty in the body and conduct obesity.

The person with overweight has a high risk to develop Diabetes type II. The glucose is vital for the good function of the brain, it works well with enough amount of sugar.

When the glucose is in excess in the body is necessary to avoid this risk factor. The Glucose is one sugar (glucose pure) that the organism uses to produce energy.

This hormone work in harmony with another hormonal function; the insulin controls the hyperglycemia a the Glucagon control the hypoglycemia.

Another factor like age and lifestyle. Is necessary the implementation of the physical activity, intellectual activity is like the brain in the gym that gives strength to your cognitive process.

The connection between Diabetes Mellitus type II and Alzheimer disease.

The person that have Diabetes have the 65% to develop Alzheimer. The identification of the Diana; in the molecular development, it adds to another molecule in the glycosylation, the ages (final products of glycosylation advance).

The presence of ages is present in the early development of the Alzheimer disease, with the presence of stress oxidative in the cell and inflammation. For the accumulation the protein b Amiloride, the cytokine (MIF Macrophage migration inhibitory). Other proteins, they draw the map how is the progress of this disease.

When the autoregulation of these hormones fails is when the Diabetes type II begging. The key is intake the neuropsychological status of the person. Take good health like the diet that combat the risk factor to reduce the beginning clinic, the good physic activity, social nets, high level of education.

One system with the use of the bicycle with the feet from the people will remember the important place in his life. Throughout the physical and mental stimulation; help to develop the Dopamine in the brain that helps to improve the good function of the advancing of memory.

Insomnia and relationship with Alzheimer’s.

The symptomatology of neurodegenerative illness does not represent symptoms until the development. In one report of Neurology, show the lack of sleep is associated with a high risk of Alzheimer.

The scientist for the Wisconsin-Madison University (EU) there is a direct relationship between the sleep disorders and biologic marks for the disease, found it in the cerebrospinal liquid.

This research shows that not having enough sleep produce the store the tau and b Amyloid protein in the brain formed plaques and nodules, the depuration of the brain works well in the sleep period.

The tau Protein.

The tau protein has a relationship for decades with the disease, published from Nature revealed, with high-resolution images the chemical structure. The suspicious is not only behind the Alzheimer and another neurodegenerative disease like the Parkinson.

Be optimistic don’t change the situation but is valuable, to keep our emotional and physical health, that gives us clarity in the mind, to find the best alternative to give a solution to every single problem.  Show your love with your friends and with others should be benefit with this post.

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