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Life Insurance. As a great Financial Advice, it finds the best option in the matter of protection, with your life insurance or retirements need, you are not only accessing our expertise. You will join a group of different Providers with more than 150 years in the market. life Insurance Provider that give to you and your family peace of mind in knowing that money will be available.

If you have a home and family, you want to protect it all. You have worked hard to establish a comfortable home and lifestyle for your family. So why not protect it?   The protection covers your family in case you get sick and disabled; you are not available to pay your mortgage. There are different policies for different needs. just as you need to know what is your consent and what financial goals you want to achieve.

Did you know that your home may be the greatest financial investment you make during your lifetime? It is also a place where family memories are made. Should not safeguard your home be a central part of your family’s planning. Consider that the true cost of your home is much more than the face amount of its mortgage. Typically, with principal and interest, a 30-year mortgage will cost more than twice the amount of the original loan.

With today’s medical advances and increased life expectancy, you do have a good chance of living a long life. A policy with the partial return of premium option can offer you the coverage needed to protect your family. In addition, it provides the added benefit of returning premiums to you if you survive the term period selected. Yet, the unexpected can happen. Unfortunately, many families lose their homes each year due to death, disability, illness or unemployment. You can not be part of the statistic without Life Insurance Protection.

Life insurance protection products.

One of them are:

#1. The Term Life Insurance policy which it’s determined for a specific period of time like 10, 15 or 30 years. The term policy gives more protection with less money. In the convertible option, you can change that term insurance in the future for one whole insurance, the renewable you can renew one term policy for another time. Mos of these insurance does’t requiere medical aproved.

#2. The Whole life Insurance policy of a permanent policy, you continually pay your policy until your life, it guarantees one high rate in cash value.  A couple of guarantees limits, the cash value is the pay of the interest in the policy that is around 4-6% of interest. The whole life name continued policy, limited premium and another single premium. It is the only type of policy that gives more provisions and protection to the insured in terms of cash value and benefit.

#3. What is a Insurance Quote

The insurance quote is a numerical parameter, that give you the approach of the value from the premium you will pay, after provide with a few personal parameters: like date of birth, weight and height and if you smoke or not. This step open the door for the Agent  work in one illustration for  your Policy that will offer to you.  It’s will vary a little bit with the different levels of protection  you’ll choose.

#4. Whole Life insurance quotes for Seniors

The Life Insurance Quote from a senior is very different the one from one adult in productive life. Usually you provide with your date of birth, weight, height and smoker or not smoke hobby. Very simple procedure, you can get your quote down.

#.5 Another way you can protect your family from retirement.

What is a Annuity?

You can find protection buying an Annuity. The annuity is a contract between you and the Insurance Company, where this company pays the interest over this investment will be similar with CDs, IRA a 401 K. There are two types: annuity fixed and variable. In the variable annuity the customer assumes the risk, and in the fixed, the insurance company takes the risk. The indexed annuity is used that external branch mark, have tax-deferred growth.

The value does not fluctuate in relation with the market the value of your money never decrease with many potentials grow, give some balance for your retirements.

Annuities offer a way for those of moderate means to save and accumulate funds for their later years. Higher income earners are often drawn to these products because of their tax-deferred treatment. The fact that interest earned on annuity funds is not taxed until it is withdrawn or distributed has always been a strong motivation for purchasing these products

Do Annuities expire?

Annuity owners can determine the frequency of their income payments by selecting a monthly, quarterly, semiannual, or annual payout mode. The most common option is monthly for qualify and annual for most all them.                                                                                                                  Annuitizing and annuity accumulated values involves a decision of how long the income payments will be mad to the beneficiary. This choice is determined by:a determined number of years, duration of the beneficiary life, the join live contract and determined for the certain number of years.

Do Annuities go through probate.

Annuities are financial vehicle very well regulated and they need the approval from this Institutions and from the State through the Suitability Process.The NAIC  Suitability in Annuities Transaction Model Regulation (original suitability regulation )applied only to seniors—consumers age 65 and older. FINRA Rule 2330 applied for the placement of variable annuities.As it became clear that the purchase of an annuity product is often a complicated and confusing process for consumers of all ages, however is a great  way to gain tax deferred as soon you are approved.    Is tax deferred because you only pay taxes at the withdrawal.

Conclusion                                                                                                                                                     Safe your life and your financial future in this time is vital, specially when you have people that depend from you.  Choose a financial vehicle that will protect your value is something we don’t like to think about it many time, it’s very crucial an vital when exist volatility in the Market. Get a professional that help you to protect your asset  and you’ll get your peace of mind. Share with your friends.

This product is acquired with strong Financial Institution and selling by qualified Broker Mariana Degraft Dickson.  If you want more information contact me by mail.

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