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6 Ways to Promote Self Confidence.

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Self Confidence Meaning.

5 Benefits of Have Personal Power


Self-confidence is believing in your own abilities and instincts is key to achieving your best potential and the greatness that lies within you.

You need to be able to trust yourself and your skillset in order to handle life’s challenges well and also people live. If you don’t have confidence in your own abilities and instincts, others won’t either, and you will always hold yourself to reaching your best potential and ability in life.

Therefore, it is vital you gain confidence in your own abilities and instincts to reach your greatest potential; learn to gain that confidence below.

To increase confidence in your own abilities and instincts, first, look back upon the success you’ve had in your life. Such can be doing well in a course, getting your first job, being hired as like a professional for the first time.

Look back at any and all of these successes and realize that you have the ability to achieve great successes and accomplishments, and you have already achieved several even if you don’t think about them often.

This can increase your confidence that you have what it takes to succeed in this world and need to trust those skills and instructs more.

Self Confidence 6 Ways to Promote

“Be more concerned with your character than your reputation because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are”. Creating a positive self -image is a relevant topic in the world of pop culture.

Celebrities are often degraded for portraying themselves in an unflattering manner.

Often their self-image can even be tainted due to an unhealthy decision. When considering your personal self-imagen, are there specific aspects that you want to improve upon? if so, consider these six easy way to improve your self-image and is living the life you deserve.

1. Consider Your Social Media Presence

From a vain perspective, many individuals base their Self-Confidence on the number of followers, likes, or subscribers that have. However, consider the type of material you are posting and evaluate whether it is boosting your image or tasting it.

Do you often engage in social media arguments over controversial messages or photos you post? Are others viewing you as an object rather than a valuable human being? Do you place more emphasis on crafting a perfect life rather than actually living one? These questions will help you to reevaluate how you are presenting yourself to the public.

2. Evaluate Your Associates.

When you surround yourself with toxic individuals, likely you are absorbing negative energy on a grand scale. In addition, if you associate with individuals who have a damaging reputation, others may view you in the same light.                                                     

Ask yourself these questions when thinking about your circle of influence:

Do they encourage me to engage in meaningful activities?

Do they have my best interests and health in mind?

Do they have a suggestive reputation?

Take pride in who you invite into your life, as they are a direct reflection of how you feel about yourself.

3. Break Unhealthy Habits.

Breaking an unhealthy habit will work wonders for how you see yourself and how others view you. Eliminate harmful activities that are destructive to your health. Aristotle quoted “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.

The pride felt from leaving behind something destructive will help your overall confidence. You will also see the physical benefits of leaving behind smoking, excessive drinking and overeating.

4. Practice self-Affirmations

Often times, we are our biggest critics. We may even grow accustomed to the negative voice in our head constantly spewing confidence impeding statements. In order to combat that stream of self-destructive, practice speaking kind words to yourself.

Self-affirmations, when repeated daily, serve as the motivational mantra to guide your steps. Emphasize your awesome qualities and even complement your beauty. By doing so, you will see a vast improvement in how you carry yourself.

5. Invest in Self Imagen

Many people assume that in order to exude a positive self-image, you have to be financially elite. The reality behind that mentality is quite false. There are resourceful ways to improve your overall appearance.

One way is to ensure that your clothes are neat, ironed, and appropriate for the setting.

Keep up with your physical appearance by remaining clean, polished, and put together.

You can even adjust your style by dressing in neural colors to emit power.

Taking care of our physical appearance isn’t the only way to invest in yourself. Challenge your mind by reading books that increase your understanding. Engage in unique activities that broaden your horizon.

Invest in your future by making smart decisions in the present.

6. Self Confidence Through Body Language.

The art of body language is subtle yet powerful. The way we carry ourselves speaks volumes to our overall image. Instead of standing with your shoulder slumped, elevate your posture to demonstrate confidence. Speak with intention as opposed to beating around the bush.

Think carefully about how your body is communicating with others. You will then notice a shift in how others perceive you.

Have the power to change your self-image by making small variations in your routine. By doing so, you will show others how much you value yourself and your future.

Additional Information to Unleash Your Inner Greatness

Are You Ready To Start Living Up to Your Self Confidence and Living the Life You Envisioned?

You’ll benefit so much by going through this course.

Here are just some of the benefit you’ll gain:

  • Explore why you are worthy and capable of reaching your potential.
  • Discover how limiting beliefs are formed and stopping you from success.
  • Learn how self-awareness can help you learn your true self.
  • Find out how you can maintain your self-esteem even in negative environments.
  • Discover how your fears were formed and how to end their power over you.
  • Stop over-preparing and over-analyzing, while taking more action.
  • Learn how both positive and negative thoughts can aid you in reaching your goals
  • Find out how even growing up in an unsupportive environment does not doom you to a life of mediocrity and acceptance.

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Healthy Productivity the Heart Balance.

fist AIDS

By Richard Brody.

Healthy Productivity

Wind Mindset that Overcome

Healthy Productivity is concluded by Henry Ford,  generally credited with saying. You can think you’re right or wrong, Either way, you’ll be correct. Other is credited with proclaiming. Whatever the mind of man, can perceive and conceive, he can achieve.

If all other factors are considered equal, it’s important, therefore, to realize, and recognize, there is a strong, relevant correlation, between, one’s physical health and mental health, attitude and well -being!

Some people focus entirely on the logical approach, to life, while others, proceed, in an entirely, emotional one. In the vast majority of instances, those, who, live life, fully, balance these two components, in a head/heart balance, and proceed accordingly.

By doing so, they generally, are capable of overreacting, far less, while paying keen attention, to the relevant issues and details.

With that in mind, this article will attempt, to briefly, consider, review, examine and discuss, the relationships between health and productivity and taking charge of one’s own destiny, by proceeding in a focused, balanced life.


The wellness is the balance between BSM


        5 Principles to Acquire Healthy Productivity.

# 1. Logical essential: You’ll benefit when you learn, as much as possible, about health-related issues, and options/alternatives. When might conventional wisdom, be the wisest course of action? when is some alternative approach, preferable? Rather than, merely, looking at your choices, as an all, or none way/option. it is wisest to proceed, with an open mind and learns, evolving technique and discoveries, in terms of health care, etc. The danger of ignoring logic is losing the opportunity to proceed, in a knowledgable manner!


# 2. Emotional components: Proceeding with a positive, can – do, attitude, creates a strong advantage, because, studies, often, indicate, most people experience overall better health when they believe they will, and have a good outlook!. However, it might be dangerous, to proceed, only, emotionally, rather than in combination with a degree of logic!.


# 3. Productivity: when one is productive, he feels better about himself, and usually, that creates a better chance at overall, well-being. Rather than focusing on your weaknesses, and letting stresses, etc. control you, productive individuals, generally, proceed with a calmer, high amount of self-confidence, etc.

# 4. Health and happiness: While, even the happiest people, can suffer, from a debilitating illness, etc. A happy person, often, has the best chance to heal, because he feels, he will! There is no simple path, but, rather, a happier person, is often a healthier one!

#5. Head/Heart Balance: Using the finest, core principles of quality logic, and calming emotions, brings on a helpful head/heart balance! Reduce unnecessary stress and tension, and you will generally, feel much better! Will you be, your best friend, or worst enemy?


Richard has owned businesses, been a COO, CEO. Director of Development, consultant, professionally run events, consulted to thousands and conducted personal development seminars for 4 decades.

Basically, you need to reprogram and change your mindset, from this way you’ll be improved many things that set you back.  Don forget to like this post, leave your comments or point of view and share with your beautiful friends.

5 Tips for Lose Weight and BMI mesure


How I Can not Keep my Good Health.

Obesity is defined by how corporal grease excessive is Harmful

How can detect overweight with the BMI parameter

Overweight and obesity are defined by how the corporal grease excessive that is prejudicial from the health.   The right parameter to determine if you are overweight or with obesity is the mass corporal index  BMI. The index of corporal mass is between the weight and is used in adults, children, and teenagers.  It is used for the early detection of overweight especially in people who have concomitants infirmities.

Obesity worldwide is a public health problem, they are millions of people with overweight or obesity. Persons with overweight obesity have the risk to get multiple health problems. Between more corporal grease get or weight more probability to get different medical conditions; Diabetes mellitus, HAS, stroke, respiratory disease, kidney disease, etc.


The principal cause is a bad habit of nourishment, that produces one prevalence of overweight 70% in adult life. In the long term, obesity promotes the presence of diseases like diabetes type II, is a big problem for the National Health Care System;  is the principal cause of death of adults, because of the persons’ death from the complication of obesity like diabetes, high blood pressure, health disease, stroke kidney disease. The first cause of demand medical attention and the disease that consumes the major percentage of waste from the public institutions.

Keep your body in optimal conditions, required to follow one healthy diet; more vegetables, grains, fruits, water with moderation in the ingestion of sugar and salt. Follow a routine of physical activity like, walk or run between 20-30 minutes less three times a week.

How do you know if your height and weight are appropriate for your age?

You can calculate your BMI measure by dividing you’re weigh in kilograms by your height in meters squared. According to the National Health and Medical Research Council and healthy BMI, measure is between 20-25 for most adults.

5 Tips To Help You On Your Weight Loss Journey

The road to weight loss can be a long one. You are surrounded by conflicting advice and faced with the challenges that life throws up, stealing your time and energy away from your weight loss journey. This is no reason to give up. With a little focus and lots of perseverance, you can be on track to achieve your optimum weight. Try these 5 tips to make your weight loss journey go smoothly to get the body you desire.

1. Set goals Goals are a great way to stay motivated.

What is your end goal? What is your ultimate achievement when it comes to weight loss? Define your aspiration and the desired timeline to give your journey some structure.

2. Make a plan You have your end goal, but how exactly are you going to get there?

The key is to define a plan as well as short-term goals that will keep you on track. What things do you need to do each day or each week to make sure you reach your goal? What short-term goals can you set to keep you motivated when the end game seems too far away? Break it down into palatable tasks to make sure you stay motivated.

3. Implement small changes You can not change your entire world overnight.

Start small, things that are realistic and easy to maintain. Have one coffee a day instead of two. Replace soft drinks with sparkling water. Replace Friday night takeaway with homemade pizza. If you try to make too many drastic changes, it’s unlikely you will be able to maintain them may revert to your old habits. Gradual changes will be more likely to stick and help you to adjust your lifestyle to aid in your weight loss journey.

4. Exercise regularly Diet plays a huge role in weight loss, but exercise can assist in this process.

Think about what you can realistically fit into your routine and write up a plan. Putting it on paper makes it more likely you will stick to it. Physical activity is great for mental and physical health and once it becomes a part of your routines, it’s likely you will learn to enjoy it (or at least enjoy the satisfaction and feeling afterward).

5. Meditate Meditation can be an effective tool to remain focused during your weight loss journey.

Mindfulness practice or other meditation exercises can keep you grounded and more aware of your surroundings. Mindful eating is a great way to enjoy your food and be more aware of what you are putting into your body, rather than just eating for the sake of eating.

I am offering a solution, if you have struggled with overweight or Obesity, to be lost between 4-7 pounds or more in 15 days.  You can be lost more, all depend on your metabolism system and health.  For more information. Send me an email and ask me how.

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Body Mass Index in Adults





Effects from the Stress in the body.

4 Benefits of Emotional Intelligent


It’s possible the bad emotions produce physical discomfort. The sadness cause tiredness. The feelings you experience can affect everyone is of your body.

Have you ever thought about how the feeling or emotions affect your body?

There are a few times that people think about how thoughts and emotions impact the body and our health. Most of the time, we follow the stress pattern, the tension, anxiety, the hurry, the hopeless and other negative feelings, that impact your emotions and body, lowering the quality of life.

Everyone can understand the connection between body and mind is very important than we think. However, our thoughts and emotions can be determined at the time of the stimulation in the production of such substances that influence our physical and emotional health. For example, the Serotonin and the Dopamine are 2 substances that our brain produces when we have one state of happiness of euphoria. The same occurs with the negative emotions, in the place to produce wellness in our body, generate pain and many displeasure or hassle.


Effects from the stress
Effects from the stress

Our brain has the ability to store important information and that is determined by the behavior and the relationship with the body. We are responsible to give the connotation positive or negative to every moment we go through every single day.

Our emotions can be the result of some physical discomfort, which is an indication of what we go through in difficult times, in which the emotions and the negative thoughts keep you paralyzed. For example, the constant discomfort on the neck is one indication for the stability to see different perspectives. The sensation of inexplicable pain in the limbs is the indication of fear paralyzed you, for lack of ability to take important decisions.

The pain in the high back it has a relation with a lack of love; the pain in the middle of the back it’s a relationship with the inability to don’t let them go the past, and the pain in the low back it has a relation with the financial stress. One feel of pain in the knee can show afraid, pride and lack to overtake the ego.

Keep peace to avoid stress
Keep peace to avoid stress

When you go through a situation that produces anger, the body produces one biochemistry effect that increases the Adrenaline levels. The sad feelings have high efficiency in our energy and motivation every single day. The sad feeling can bring fatigue, tiredness and low levels of energy.

Part of life is no having good moments full of happiness and go through difficult moments, that test our strength and the ability to control our emotions. To overcome the thoughts and negative emotions that affect us, at whatever moment of our life is important to bring positive thoughts in every experience for difficult and disaster it looks like.

Every day,  when getting up is an important program our body and mind to take the challenges to bring every day. And the opportunity to live well an be happy. In our mind we have the amazing power to do, all such kind of things, we desire to be. It’s important to see an optimistic way and always look at the good side of the things. It’s doesn’t matter how hard it looks.

If the negative feeling and emotions, it tries to take control of your life and health. Take a few minutes to reflex and meditate on how you can handle this situation. Is a waste of energy and time, when you keep such kind of negative thoughts, that allow you to make mistakes and fell stress.

It’s Scientific proven that the optimistic and good emotions; like happiness, laughter release the endorphins, hormones responsible for the strength of our Immunologic System. On another hand that negative emotions can produce the contrary effects; that cause weakness of the Immune System and the predisposition to the body to be sick.

Be optimistic don’t change the situation but is valuable, to keep our emotional and physical health, that give us clarity in the mind, to find the best alternative to give solution to every single problem.


Stress and Complication in you Life

Steps to follow in case of a Natural Disaster.

first AIDs

Steps to follow in Disasters.

The first thing is to calm down because somebody needs to lead the disaster, It is stressful but you need to have a clear mind. What is an emergency, is a situation demanding immediate action. The person supposed to have the urgent level and act in a short time; to take a decision for the life of others, for in any moment to act correctly. Follow the protocol with this acronym PAS, it means Protection, Alert and Help.

The protection is important to take care of the three dimensions. The auto protection for limited the disaster area; has the minimal factor of security that allows giving help. Every person is vulnerable to the stress level, there is the predisposition to make mistakes or get an accident, and expose the life of others at risk. The hormonal storm that stress generates releases Adrenaline, Cortisol, and Endorphins. The Psychology effect of this produces tachycardia, high pulse, hyperglycemia and the distractor effect (analgesia). The endorphins don’t produce pain in the moment of trauma, also are lost of the peripheral vision for the increase of adrenaline, with more vulnerability.



The Alert. To create alert signs to the rest of the people in case of one devasting situation. In the stress situation, we move around the area devasting at keeps the safety. To verify your security and not to hurt other people. To be alert in the situation, get the concrete information about the injured person, check the conscious from the person, or the presence of pain, it has something blooding or exposes. Be aware that everything can happen when you have high levels of stress and loss of the peripheral vision.

The help can give help regards the skill and knowledge you have the right equipment to can help. If the person is in danger, give the first AID in case of a life threat. The first AID are helper maneuver, the stop the blooding, of immobilized a broken bones and open the airflow in case of obstruction, or find one situation that real threat the life, as a shock, heart attack, blinding, broken bones, etc. Have in hands the basic material and equipment for the first AID is vital.

How can determinate one person has a heart attack, if we find a person on the floor when he doesn’t answer to the stimulation, and find lost of the muscle tone. We find signs of life in the way of breath. When it has all this sign is vulnerable to the collapse. We can keep the respiratory areas permeable, find the normal breathing looking for the normal pattern. Where is tall us about the oxygen it gets in good distribution from the blood to the brain if the person doesn’t breath she is in cardiac arrest?


How Better Self-Care Can Lead To be Protected and Secure.

Self-care is often brushed aside for things seen as more important; business meetings, social commitments, family obligations. While these things are important (and can in some cases contribute to self-care), it is important that we take time to ourselves when we need it. This personal investment will be for nothing; in fact, self-care is important if we want to optimize our performance in any area of our lives. Taking the time to maintain our physical, emotional and mental health can lead to be protected and secure in many ways.


Be secure and protected you and your family is basic, at this time. Share this post with your friend, everybody needs to know what to do. Share your love with your family and friends.

Adult Basic  life Support and CPR

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