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Emotional Intelligence and the 4 Principal Benefits

Emotional Intelligence


Myths About Emotional Intelligence.


Effect of the Stress in the Body

Emotional intelligence is a valued skill and rightly so. Defined as the ability to read and identify emotions, emotional intelligence makes it easier for somebody to work in a team, manage situations and maintain relationships.

It also results in higher self-awareness and the ability to manage one’s own emotions. While most people agree that it is an important skill, there are 3 myths that people should definitely disregard.

  • Emotional Intelligence is a female skill

Quite simply, this is incorrect. Emotional intelligence is the ability to read other people and manage yourself, a skill that is not defined by gender in the slightest. After all, is it not beneficial for all individuals to be aware of other people and their feelings? You do not have to be a female for this skill to be valuable.

  • Emotional Intelligence Means your kind to others

Is so much more than just being a nice person. People with high levels of emotional intelligence are likely to present as kind people because they can read others and empathize with them, but it goes deeper than being nice. In fact, the nicest thing to do in a situation may be delivered hard feedback or have difficult conversations, things that don’t always seem nice but are done effectively and with good intentions.

  •  You are either born with it or you’re not

For a long time, people have assumed that some people are just more naturally emotionally intelligent than others. While nature does play a role in our personality traits, it does not mean that emotional intelligence cannot be learned. As with any skill, practice is the best way to improve your ability. Ty doing some self-reflection every day to assess how you respond to situations and if there is anything you would do differently next time. Seeking out feedback from people you trust is also a good way to improve your skills.

These are popular misconceptions surrounding, but consider these myths debunked. Emotional intelligence is an important skill for all people, it means so much more than simply being nice to others, and it is a skill that can be developed. A very important skill, emotional intelligence is worth investing in as it can enhance your life through better relationships, lower anxiety, and better work performance.

Do you Want to Improved Your Emotions

We know is the ability to read and interpret the emotions of others and yourself. We all know people who do this naturally and others who seem constantly surprised by situations because they are oblivious to other people”s feelings. Regardless of where you fall naturally, emotional intelligence is a skill than can be developed. It’s certainly a worthwhile investment as there is a number of benefits of emotional intelligence.

4 Benefits of Emotional Intelligence

  1. Maintain relationship

If you have a more developed ability to read somebody else’s emotions, it’s a lot easier to maintain positive relationships with them. Emotional intelligence results in greater levels of empathy, providing a better understanding of another person”s thoughts and situation. It is likely to result in greater, more positive relationships with all of the important people in your life.

       2. Make you employable

There aren’t many workplaces that have you working completely independently, isolated from all other human beings. This means you will be working in a team. Emotional intelligence means that you are able to understand other people”s emotions and their resulting actions. In turn, this will result in you working more cooperatively and thus more effectively with other individuals.

       3. Improve self-regulation

Encompasses the ability to read and interpret your own emotions, as well as the emotions of others.

With an enhanced understanding of your own emotions comes and improved ability to manage them. Individuals, with high emotional intelligence are likely to be able to keep their temper in check, but also prevent themselves from falling in a slump or experiencing significantly increase levels of anxiety.


       4. It helps you to deal with change

Every person responds differently to change. Help to read a situation, understand how people and feelings and predict how they might behave. This skill makes it significantly easier to navigate change when people can become irrational and emotional. It also helps you to identify and manage your own emotions when you experience change.

Definitions and Measurement of Emotional Intelligence


Diversity of Addictions


Diversity of the addiction.

The function of the Brain in The Reward System

Addiction is the use of psychoactive substance has become part of humanity from antique of civilization. The old primates ancestors of man have been like overripe fruits, contain one such amount of fermented sugars and ethyl alcohol. The ingestion of such fruits implicates adaptive advantage, which was rich in sugars in comparison with the less mature fruits.
This can be the motive for the selection in the development of alcoholic beverages. 

The addiction to substances is chronic pathologic, recurrent, progressive and in the end cause death. Characterized by the search and compulsive consumption of drugs, even be with wearable consequences. It is considered one disease of the brain because the psychoactive substances and the compulsive behavior modified the structure and functionality of such areas of the brain.

It implied one dependency of the substance, activity or relationship to transform that cause in the regards circuit motivation and memory in the nucleus Accumbens.

Diversity of Addictions

Intervention of the nucleus accumbens.

The accumbens nucleus is a region in the basal forebrain rostral to the preoptic area of the hypothalamus. It’s has a significant role in the cognitive processing of aversion, motivation reward. In this area of reward and reinforcement. The abuse of drugs induces neuroplasticity in the natural reward pathway, especially the Nucleus Accumbens.

In the illustration are represented the dopaminergic pathways are routes of neurons of the brain that transmit dopamine which is produced from the soma of these neurons. The cellular bodies of the dopaminergic nerves in the substantia nigra are usually pigmented due to the pigment melanin.  Psychoactive substances stimulate de mesolimbic pathway of dopamine which is the reward system of the brain.

Definition of Addiction.

t’s a chronic disease of the brain characterized by the pathologic look at the compensation and relief of the use of a substance or other conduct. That means the disability to control of behavior, a difficulty for the permanent abstinence with the not content desire of consuming and lack to accept the problem.

The result is descended in the quality of life from the person (problems in the job, in academic and relationship, with the family and the couple). The Neuroscience actually consider addiction to substances and the behavior show up the same neurobiological roots.

Also, the consumption of psychoactive substances; exist in the process like addiction to sex, gambling, pornography, television, to sports and the addictions to new technology and internet.

Addiction and the liberation of Dopamine
Addiction and the liberation of Dopamine

Abstinence syndrome

It is determined for the desire that consumes the thoughts and behavior of the person and acts in such activities designed to get the desire to wish effect and compromise the desire activities (addictive behavior). The dependencies bring consequences that affect the personal, health and social life, with limitation for the good function.

It is pathologic the person that thought that can not live without the addiction (sex, drugs, alcohol, smoke, etc.)

You can don’t go if you first answer my question.  Do you think doing exercise regularly is something pathologic?    Give me your answer in the comments.

Adicional Information About Adicciones

The Benefit of Having Good Thoughts or EI.

Mind programing

The Importance of Your Good Thoughts

Win the mindset that Overcome


Emotional Intelligence is the expression of your good thoughts, you become what you say. Inside you is your spirit which keeps you alive. You can not see the spirit but it is represented by the air your breath, (chemical compounds Oxygen and Carbon) elements; important in the vital function of the body.
The spirit is not visible, is transported through the blood to your whole body. It’s wonderful, how every vital function of your body, is orchestrated for the perfect work.
Be conscious of the spirit, is life in itself. It’s the breath of life when a person
dies the first thing he loses is the breathe. Keep in place your breath circle, it helps you to have more energy and tranquility.


How Emotional Intelligence Can Improve Your Life

The importance of emotional intelligence should not be underestimated. It is the skill of reading and interpreting the emotions of other people, as well as for oneself, and the ability to do this well can improve an individual’s life in a number of ways. The following are some benefits of emotional intelligence (good thought creation)  and how it can enhance your life.

Increases happiness and positivity
Emotional intelligence results in better self-regulation. While many people automatically associate this with the ability to control a temper, it is much broader than this. It is the ability to manage stress and anxiety as well as guilt and sadness, which in turn prevents the person from experiencing major slumps or depressive episodes. People with higher levels of good thoughts are often happier because they are better able to identify their triggers and implement strategies to deal with them.

Improves relationships
The ability to read other people is extremely beneficial, especially when it comes to maintaining relationships. It gives you an insight into other people, their feelings and how they react to certain situations. This makes it easier to respond and effectively manage a situation, preserving relationships even when things get tense or uncomfortable.

Improves work performance
Most jobs require teamwork and that requires the ability to work well with others. People with high levels of emotional intelligence are able to work effectively in teams because they can read different emotions, personalities, and dynamics. This often leads to teams that work more smoothly together and are therefore more productive.

Improves self-awareness and fulfillment
Emotional intelligence also improves an individual’s self-awareness and understanding of themselves, including strengths, development areas, goals, and values. People who understand their desires and aspirations are better placed to plan for them, taking action to shape the type of life they want to live. This leads to greater satisfaction and life fulfillment. Without this understanding and ability to identify what it is you want and what is important to you, it can be difficult to take action.

Emotional intelligence is an important skill that can enhance a person’s life in a number of ways. If you feel that your skills are lacking, it may be worth investing some time in developing them so you can reap the benefits.

The harmony between your body and spirit.

Part of life is to have good moments full of happiness and go through difficult moments, that test your strength and the ability to control our emotions. To overcome the thought and negative emotions that affect us, in whatever moment of our life is important to bring positive thoughts in every experience for difficult and disaster look like

Every day when you getting up is important to program your body and mind to take control of the day and the challenges. It gives you the opportunity to do well and be optimistic. We have in mind the amazing power, all we desire you need to program in your mind. Look the optimistic path, taking control of your life and finding solutions for every difficulty.

Benefits from the Neuroscience

Do you Have Passion for the things You Love?

Passion for the things I love

The Development of Spiritual Live

P A S S I O N   D E F I N I T I O N

Passion is a feeling of intense enthusiasm towards or compelling desire for someone or something.  Passion can range from eager interest in or admiration for an idea, proposal, or cause; to enthusiast enjoyment of an interest of activity; to strong attraction, excitement, or emotion towards a person.

I’ll be available to share my project and work with you. I love to help and encourage you, to find the best shape from you. I living in the North east of America. I like have strong relationship with my Father and my close family. I love to write, take care of my body with exercise routine, my health with healthy food and meditation. I sharing every time this valuable information with you.

P A S S I O N.

Is a feeling of intense enthusiasm towards or compelling desire for someone or something.  Passion can range from eager interest in or admiration for an idea, proposal, or cause; to enthusiast enjoyment of an interest of activity; to strong attraction, excitement, or emotion towards a person.

Passion means power and energy from your human body.I know you have a passion, that energy that help you to move and accomplished everything in your path.

Is work for the dream that you want in your life. The passion to get the things done. Challenge yourself because you’re capable to do more that your image, leave your comfort zone and image big. The limit is the Skye.

The way to get success shows in some studies the attitude and motivation are keywords. Around 40 years of research according Neuroscience from Harvard University show up the 88% from the cases; the attitude is essential in the development of successful life.

Your self stem is the personal value. Your value is something very precious for you philological been. The ego is the nuclear value from the person, your value is determined from the rest of the people.

Everybody have strength and weakness. Your strength are terminated for your naturals talents, the thing you’re excel in do it. If you don’t know you has. Maybe you need to explore such thing you really love. The development of your talents help you to find your truth passion.

Your passion is the compass which you will get the direction from your life. Find what is that talent or attitude with which you get lose in the time. You get so fascinated about that activity that get easy, genius and interesting and you enjoying doing that again.

There are people who enjoy life in Plenitude in their hobby or regular activity. Such kind of persons who enjoy teaching, painting, take pictures, hand writing, building business, develop the most precious desire from their heart.

The passion is the motion that help you to find the WHY to live, the compromise that help you to find your path for essence from your life.

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Differentiation between a Passion and Hobby

Be bless!

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