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The Development of Spiritual Life Promote Health.

Spiritual life promote health

Put Your Body in Balance. 6 Ways to Promote Self Confidence Why Health Matters Wellness is taking control of your health is most effective when you take a look at yourself with a holistic perspective. The holistic approach to health takes into account the complete person; their physical, psychological and social needs which directly relate …

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Skin types and the best ways to protect them.

Best eays to protec your skin

Best Ways to protect your skin   How I Can Not Keep My Good Health. Skin reflex different aspect from the General Health, specially the Diet and the Life Style, everything you do and you don’t you skin show up. The skin the more extensive organ, the weight around 6 to 11 pounds. With the …

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How to prevent acne.

 Acne Progressing to Sever Type Your Skin is Your Fist Protection Acne or vulgar acne is known, as a chronic disease from the skin that involves the pilosebaceous unit (hear follicles and oil gland)characterized by the formation of comedones, papules, pustules nodules, and scars, that appear in the face a de superior trunk. Acne and …

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How is high blood pressure cause.

High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a Silent Killer. Excercise and Body Function High blood pressure is present in  many people walking around with this disease without any symptoms or sing that nothing is wrong. The hypertension is called the Century XXI silent Plaque. High blood pressure is a chronic disease characterized by the continued increase of …

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Alzheimer associate with Diabetes.

Diabetes Mellitus

Association of Hyperglycemia and Insomnia with Alzheimer. Diabetes is Sweet Bad and Ugly Hyperglycemia presence  show in the Neuroscience the Alzheimer is a disease irreversible, a progressive brain disorder that slowly destroys memory and thinking ability. The relationship between the high consumption of sugar and associated with function neurodegenerative Alzheimer, Diabetes type II, Obesity and Cardiopathy. …

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Advance Immunology and Longevity.

Advance Immunology

Life Expectancy or Longevity Keep the Immune System Healthy Longevity or Life prolongation refers to an extension of the quality of human life through the decelerate or reversal of the aging process. The middle life hope is limited to the vulnerability to accidents and diseases from age like hypertension, arthritis, cancer or cardiovascular complication. Life …

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