Steps to follow in case of a Natural Disaster.

Steps to follow in Disasters.

The first thing is to calm down because of somebody need to lead the disaster, is stressful but you need to have a clear mind. What is an emergency, is a situation demanding immediate action. The person supposed to have the urgent level and act in a short time; to take decision for the life of others, for in any moment to act correctly. Follow the protocol with this acronym PAS, it means Protection, Alert and Help.

The protection is important to take care of the three dimensions. The auto protection for limited the disaster area; has the minimal factor of security that allows giving help. Every person is vulnerable to the stress level, there is the predisposition to make mistakes or get an accident, and expose the life of others in risk. The hormonal storm that stress generates releases Adrenaline, Cortisol, and Endorphins. The Psychology effect of this produces taquichardia, high pulse, hyperglycemia and the distractor effect (analgesia). The endorphin’s don’t produce pain in the moment of trauma, also are lost of the peripheral vision for the increase of adrenaline, with more vulnerability.


The Alert. To create alert signs to the rest of the people in case of one devasting situation. In the stress situation, we move around the area devasting at keeps the safety. To verify your security and not to hurt other people. To be alert in the situation, get the concrete information about the injured person, check the conscious from the person, or the presence of pain, it has something blooding or exposes. Be aware that everything can happen when you have high levels of stress and loss of the peripheral vision.

The help can give help regards the skill and knowledge you have the right equipment to can help. If the person is in danger, give the first AID in case of life threat. The first AID are helper maneuver, the stop the blooding, of immobilized a broken bones and open the air flow in case of obstruction, or find one situation that real threat the life, as a shock, heart attack, blinding, broken bones, etc. Have in hands the basic material and equipment for the first AID is vital.

How can determinate one person has the heart attack, if we find a person on the floor when doesn’t answer to the stimulation, and find lost of the muscle tone. We find signs of life in the way of breath. When it has all this sign is vulnerable to the collapse. We can keep the respiratory areas permeable, find the normal breathing looking for the normal pattern. Where is tall us about the oxygen it gets in good distribution from the blood to the brain if the person doesn’t breath she is in cardiac arrest.


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