Limitations of the stars therapies again the Cancer.

From the last decade ago, the Immunotherapies is the grant stellar medications again the Cancer.

In the Pharmaceutical from the commercial point of view, it’s justified. Some analysts have the estimated that the potential market in the treatments it will go the 50000 millions of dollar annually. However, some expert, from the prestigious medical magazine The Lancet, expecting the existence of “gold fever” in correlation with the therapies with control.

The Immunotherapies is one help system that can help the own protection of our body to attack the tumors or grows. For many centuries, we know is possible to attach some kind of grows to induce one immune answer. William Coley, an American surgeon, applied a shock of bacteria to his patient’s after observed some common infections it’s helping some sick people to recover from cancer. However, for many centuries it doesn’t possible to development of strict investigation that proved the efficacy of this observation until 2008.

In that year in a meeting  the first results, in the experimental phase of  researches with one drug called Ipilimumab, let us think,  from the American Society of Oncology,  that finally, can be probe the possibility of one the focus, to show to destroy the protection of the cancer cells and allow the white cells to make his own job. From now, the big Pharmaceutical they develop the own drugs focus on the same idea, more than 100,000 patient only the United States. For the editorials of the Lancet, this is an immense effort that is an overwhelming financial research line, and accelerated the research in humans, without the necessary pre-clinical research.

The actual principal problem, It’s the lack of time in the research extending to understand the loss of the pre-clinical studies (with animals)  when are not successful, infinite the text of the Lancet. Furthermore, with the reproducibility of the preclinical studies (with animals) and they found in the translation of clinic research ( with the human) is underestimated and necessary the clinic correlation.

The authors also remember all they don’t know about the immune system, with variability between individual, and the less appropriated to use Immunotherapies in the development, with the combination of medications in the first step to fight again cancer, that ended the cancer cells for their toxicity and also produce intense hurt in the healthy cells.

The article shows the limitations of the Immune-therapy. For another hand many of the trails behind five following years. It’s founded many site effects fewer frequent that required different interventions. It’s found to emphasize the importance, to accumulate the sufficient information before starting a new study, especially in the combination of the variety in the immune therapies, everyone with unknown secure characteristics.

In the last show up the answer of some grows with this kind of extraordinary treatments, the studies a long term show the mayor number death to cause from these diseases. One of these studies, with the use of Ipilimumab, the drug it starts the revolution of the Immune line of monotherapy, show that the survivor is 5 years after the treatment is of 18.2%, that means that the 80% of the sick don’t get the good result in a long time. It’s one opportunity for treatment, in consideration with the actual immunotherapy generations only prolong the life in one little percentage of patients. This system should reduce the use of some drugs again every kind of cancer which was approved, and limited the inversion for research.


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