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Influenza Prevention of Outbreak

Measures to Prevent Adenovirus Contagious

Influenza Prevention of outbreak or Pandemic.

Influenza virus type A belongs to the family of the Orthographically a virus with low pathogenic. The cold is produced for this virus germ.

When are highly pathogenic is when calling flu. The type of H1N1 it is mutated in diverse strains that include the Spain flu, the porcine flu, the Avar flu, and the bovine flu.

The porcine influenza virus is H1N1 and another H1n2, h3N1, H3N2.

The porcine can be infected with the Avian influenza virus,  influenza seasonal human and the porcine influenza virus.

Is a supposition of the virus H3N2 was introduced to the porcine from the humans. All viral infection are highly infected and contagious rapidly.

From 2008 more than 900 cases are produced in Europe and America for the pandemic strain H1H1.

Lastly, it happening a lot the outbreak around the world making the Pandemic development.

What are the symptoms of Influenza

What are the symtoms of Influenza

Contagious Period.  

How long does it take to get the flu. The symptoms of the flu being in an abrupt way; between 18 or 72 hr. (present incubation short period, when to have the predisposition to get to be infected.

The first symptoms usually sneeze with a cold sensation, fever highs like 39 C. intensive tiredness, muscle ache, and pain.

The general discomfort provoke a reduction in the activity for 2-3 days with muscle ache are generalized (high intensity in the back and legs) and persistent joint pain with high intensity in both knees.

There is a differentiation between the cold within the first stage, usually, the cold which in the first stage, usually the cold symptoms the patient remember the exact time in the show and are more intensive.

Symptoms of Influenza.

In the mayor of cases, the infection with the serotypes H1n1 is manifest with similarity in the cold symptomatically.

Increase in the nasal secretion, cough, sore throat, high fever (more 38 C) loss of appetite, muscle ache, joint ache, vomit, diarrhea and loss of conscience.

In the extreme, this condition can turn to death in (.45%)

Vulnerable in groups of risk.

There exist subgroup of persons in the infection for the subtype H1N1 is aggressive manifested (for the suppression of the immune system) can progress to pneumonia which the mortality increase in these persons.

The person in the extreme of life like kids between 6 months and 4 years and adults with 65 years old. Persons with a chronic affectation of the pulmonary system and cardiovascular.

Persons with metabolic diseases like kidney insufficiency.  Persons with immunodeficiency or loss immunosuppression treatment.

Pregnant woman with 2-3 trimester of gestation. Kids born in preterm have high risk and low weightless that 5 pounds.

Influenza Symptoms
Influenza Symptoms

How do you get infected with the flu. 

The infection go through your respiratory system when one sick person with fever is sneezing and coughing and spread the flu with the droplets of fluent in the environment, and you breathe that little particle inside of your body (microscopic)   The same time when the sick person spread the virus with their hands with fever, sneezing and coughing is highly contagious step to spread the virus. The flu is a virus disease a highly contagious condition.

How Can Influenza be Prevented.

Avoid direct contact with a sick person with fever and cough. Use the disposable tissue to cover your mouth when you sneeze or a cough. Or use your arm to cover your mouth when you are sneezing or coughing.  Wash your hand with soap and hot water around 10-20 seconds.  After washing your hands use the alcohol gel or disinfect liquid. Don’t touch your mouth, nose or eyes.  If you are sick in a public place, use the mask to avoid a spread of the virus through the droplets flue.

All the treatments are basically symptomatic, to get medication for every symptom and something some antiviral in severe cases.  But basically, the best immunization is followed hygiene procedures that avoid the spreading of the virus. Highly recommended the increase in the consumption of vitamin C, drink enough water (teas, soup fruits) in risk groups.

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