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Importance of the adult stem cells in Longevity.

Life Expectancy or Longevity

Adult Stem Cells in the Field of Regenerative Medicine


Longevity or Life prolongation refers to an extension of the quality of human life through the decelerate or reversal of the aging process. The middle life hope is limited to the vulnerability to accidents and diseases from age like hypertension, arthritis, cancer or cardiovascular complication. Life expectancy is determined for the genes and r The top limit for one species are conditioned for the genes and probably one hundred environmental factors. However, it is the only recognized method for extending restricted calories diet. In theory there exists other methods like the periodic restitution of tissues, the molecular reparation, or the rejuvenate of cells of tissues.

Synonym of Longevity: Joviality or young.

Research gives evidence of the restitution of tissues with the stem cells, the transplant of artificial organs and the molecular reparation end with the renovation of the total organism.

The hope of life is the media amount of years who live one population in such period.

It is divided into masculine and feminine and is influenced by different factors. The hope life is a social indicator is utilized for the sociology for size the development degree in one country, but the date can be relative can be altered for war, epidemic, and violent factors.

The woman (form the 81% that grow more than 100 years) they have children around the 40 years have like the middle, for times more possibilities of longevity. The 79% of those who live long are the feminine sex and this has to see a variant in the chromosome 9p21.3 enough more common in the woman than men.


Longevity has think constitution, fewer calories than the rest of the population. The red wine, a short nap and stop to eat when the stomach is full in one 80%, take time to relax and be surrounded for relates people.

The hope life in human is increased when it reduces the threat of the environment. A healthy diet and supplement follow physical activities.

The worries for enlarging the vital human period is full of legend and story, the worldwide the spectacular relates. Longevity stories are presented from the ancient and many from the hand of the religions that describe the divinities of how living entities. Consequently, mortals been that life from above of the wait are viewed in story of such divinities.

In the Judeo-Christian religion Adam and Eve were created with the order not to eat of the science a good and bad tree, because the day they eat, they will die without remedy. From the sin of man, God shortened the years that a human being can live.

Telomeros important in the longevity.

For the Hindu like Buddhism and the Hinduism, so the ancient Egypt religion, the soul from the human and all the living creatures more than one life is known as reincarnation.

Through the story, great number philosophic systems, like Gnosticism, look also in the immortality and the myth from the Found of young. They planned this is acquired for looking the wisdom and the domain of the mortal body, but other ones suggest the existence of substances, fonts or places that stop the damage of the biologic body.

Research about Longevity.

There is information about the mechanism of how people can reverse aging’ which is produced for the progressive decline of the communication chemistry mechanisms between the nuclei of the cells and the mitochondria. Both interaction for secure the healthy cell mechanism and the right molecular events that permit this interior communication and, when this communication is interrupted create confusion and the acceleration of the aging star.

Through the administration of enzymes internally produced in the body, the scientist restarted this nets of intracellular communication in old rats and show up posterior tissues with key characteristic and compared in less of 3 basis indicator of good health: the resistance to the Insulin, Inflammation (related with cancer and cardiovascular disease and the most important muscle to wear down).

The Good Nutrition Keep the Longevity
The 6 types of nutrients that the body needs:  Carbohydrates, proteins, grass, vitamins, minerals, and water. The consumption of these nutrients for the build and maintenance of the corporal function.  The deficiency of this micronutrient (vitamins, minerals, and essentials amino acids) not secure the growth and keep of the vital functions. Also, the implementation of regular physical activity and the consumption of natural water about 6-8 glasses of pure water is recommended, you can use another drink in less proportion.

The adults stem cells were produced from the bone marrow, from part of the system of interior autoregulation. It has the function of the regenerative function of the organs and tissues. It makes grow part of one organ of tissues be regenerate and renew the normal function of one organ or tissue and promotes


Differentiation from the Stem Cells



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