Impact of the plastics on the environment

Plastics pollution.

Information produced by the United State  Environmental Protection Agency, show that the polyethylene (plastics in a diverse presentation). The annual consumption around the world is between 5000 billions and 1 trillion plastic bags.

The plastic bag is made from polyethylene, which is a thermoplastic provenient from petroleum. If there is the reduction of the plastic bags, the consumption of the petroleum decrease, this resources produces many problems in the pollution of the environment. There is actually alternatives for the substitution of the polyethylene, of another material in the production of a bag, some substances which is natural and biodegradable.



The problem of plastic is that not easily biodegradable. The cost of biodegradation and recycle is more expensive than the production. This product is obtained from the Hydrocarbons very polluted component. The plastic biodegradation process takes 450 years or more.  In the process is used as the reservoir of bacteria and germs; at the same time, the decomposition in little particles are food for some pathogens.

Do you ask yourself where the plastic bags go?

One study shows that the transoceanic harbor, together 15 millions of plastic in the ocean every year. The bags, bottles and plastic material going to the sewage follow the trajectory to the ocean. The distribution around the ocean is massive as soon as the waves of the ocean are in constant movement. The reason why the thrashing of the plastics is not noticed is that most of them end up in the ocean.

The plastic bags are dragged to different places of the earth, throughout our ocean, mud, lake, and river. Damaging the subterraneous water reservoirs. Places where the water is more valuable for the human


Polution from the Ocean.

consumption and more directly to the pollution is biodegradation of plastic. Be specific the bags represent more than 10% of the trash that comes to the edge of the oceans. The plastic bags get the photodegradation with the pass of the time, it gets decomposition in petrol-polymer smaller and toxics.

With the pass of time, this plastic gets in few sizes that get part of the circle of life from the big proportion of the sea animals. This effect is disastrous in the ocean because of many fishes, even the birds die after the ingestion of little or big plastic particles. There are more than 200 different species in the ocean life such as whales, dolphins, seal, turtles that die from the ingestion of plastic.

Some countries Worldwide have regulation.

Globally the animals from the ocean and birds are affected. The humans too, because we consume products from the ocean which come some degree of pollution. Many countries around the world;   especially in Europe have prohibited the use of plastic bags, there are taxes in the use of this plastic. The implementation of the use of the biodegradable product that substitutes the polymers or the use of others will be one part of the solution for this big problem.

Take conscious about this big problem that affects the environment, share this post to make a conscious measures that don’t make the problem worse.
















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