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Mindset make win or fail

How People Make Money

How People make money is not easy  people like who win the lottery and lose it all within 6 months. They got the luckiest break imaginable and still lost it all. This is because they did not have a set of patterns and beliefs that are conducive to maintaining wealth.

They had a poverty mindset which quickly asserted its dominance over the material wealth. There have been studies which indicate that people who were given housing and other benefits were able to maintain a better standard of living.

And this is because they were able to raise their mindset and vibration to this standard, the leap not being as vast. But the results are the same – all wealth is a product of mind. Unless people create and maintain a set of positive beliefs and patterns surrounding wealth, they cannot become wealthy.

How to Establish a Wealth Mindset

Understanding the esoteric nature of wealth is just the first step. Establishing it is another matter entirely. First, you need to eradicate any thoughts of lack surrounding money. This can be hard to do with bills coming in the door. To offset this, focus on all the things that you have.

Think of all the ways that money could flow to you and believe that wealth is everywhere. This takes time and practice, and ideally, you should set out a time to focus positively on wealth every morning. Read books on attracting wealth and try to really imbibe the fact that wealth is just a mindset.

7  Secrets of Wealth Attraction

Money is the commodity that modern society is built upon. Sadly, most have no idea with regard to attracting wealth. If you want to do so, here are 7 forgotten secrets of wealth attraction.

#1 – Get Fun
Money is meant to be fun and not meant to be taken all that seriously. We are in a world of instant communications and near infinite data. You can order what you want from China and possibly get it delivered within the week. Money is just the currency you use to have a good time.

#2 – It’s Easy
Once you understand and practice how it works, attracting wealth is easy. Very easy. Most of the ‘work’ you do is just changing your mindset to one where money is something that you always have and are never short of.

#3 – It Takes Time
While it is easy to attract money when you understand the principles, it does take some time to practice the law of attraction. This is because we have conditioned ourselves to think we have too little money all the time. We need to eradicate core beliefs surrounding money which are false.

#4 – No Limitation 
Many have bought into the mindset that we have limited resources and so we need to compete in the ‘marketplace’. The truth is that we have not even tapped all of our planetary resources, never mind outer space. You can have infinite money if you want. And you don’t have to feel guilty about spending every last cent of it.

#5 – It’s a Creative Process
As money is supposed to be fun, you can use creative ways to attract more of it. Pure creativity is where true joy lies. There are millions of ways to become a millionaire.

#6 – Gratitiude is Attraction
Gratitude is one of the most powerful forms of attraction. The value of something is a function of how much you appreciate it. So the more you appreciate what you have, the more you will be given. And the more the stuff you own will mean to you.

#7 – Giving is Receiving
When you get in the creative flow of wealth attraction, the more you give, the more you receive. This is because you understand that money is jus like air. You breath it in  and let it go, and there is always more of it.

Get Good Friend with the More than Enough Mindset.

Be aware that everyone is greatly affected by everyone else. So the people that you live with are most likely embracing a poverty based mindset where money is ‘hard’. They are constantly emitting a ‘not enough’ mindset.

And you are going to be affected by this, to a greater or lesser degree. The best way to offset this, where possible, is to network with friends for whom money is easy to acquire and is in plentiful supply. If you hang around with people of a similar vibration, it will be far easier to maintain a wealth mindset.

Interner income

When you make wealth when you are in home

Creating wealth is one of the most important aspects of life and needs to be taken seriously. Yet most people do not understand how wealth works and try to work harder instead of smarter. Alternatively, they might decide that money is ‘evil’ and that you should only aim for a certain amount. Every diligent effort growth to success.

Your thoughts and beliefs about wealth matter more than any other variable. If you think you are worth $10 an hour, then you are not going to magically land a $30 an hour job. So you need to work on your beliefs before anything else.

People who do become accidentally rich never hold onto it long, unless they change their beliefs surrounding wealth. Try to examine your beliefs and attitudes about wealth before anything else you do. Above all, have an end goal in mind and a set figure.

You need to have a visual or emotional equivalent of what you are trying to achieve in terms of building wealth. All wealthy people do. If you align your mindset and your actions, then wealth will manifest very quickly.

We all know that interest on money compounds. But so do thoughts, habits, and behaviors. When you are building wealth, after a certain point it becomes easier and easier to attain more wealth. Like everything else, the first couple of years are the most difficult, and then everything becomes much easier.

So whatever you are doing, stick with it for a few years and the results will pay off. This is especially true in terms of online campaigns, where people give up blogging or freelance endeavors too early.

In the end, people always get what they really want. It just takes a little time. The issue is that people are not clear about what they want. And so they get mixed results. A key step in wealth creation is in having an end goal in mind and sticking with it until the end. If you stick with anything long enough, it will pay off over time.


In today’s age of information overload, people tend to flit from one topic to another, without gaining any level of mastery in anything. Do not let this happen to you, find if the niche you are interesting have value and demand. Identify something that you really want and focus upon it until you get there, is sad when you waste money and time. The last but not the least: leave your comment, like this post or share whit your friends.

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