7 el Embarazo los cambios en su cuerpo

Physical changes during your pregnancy

Pregnancy is a completely physiologic process, whose purpose is the continuation of the species. Meanwhile, pregnancy has a favorable impact on the body and even on the psyche of the women.

The woman's body changes depending on the different pregnancy trimesters. The woman's normal pregnancy produces different changes in the development of the fetus.

No all the women suffer health issues during pregnancy, while other women may experience complications due to health issues that exist prior to gravidez. To lower their risk of pregnancy complications, women must receive medical care both before and during their pregnancies. The pregnancy care is the principal resource to manage, control and prepared the mom body for normal pregnancy.

6 early pregnancy changes in your

1. Amenorrea. The absence of menstruation in a woman in reproductive age, is the first indication of pregnancy, even though some women experience pregnancy with blood loos cycles that are mistaken for real menstruation. Contrarily, there are women who by rule are not pregnant but nevertheless ovulate and are able to become pregnant, though this particular instance is truly exceptional.

2. Nausea and vomiting. Nausies and vomiting, head pain and dizziness and other symptoms of pregnancy are relatively common. Morning sickness and vomiting frequently occur after a pregnancy has been started, especially it's the first one. The presence of a sluggish sensation in the stomach that indicates the impending vomit and the efforts that will accompany it.

3. “Gravidic cloasma”. Is the develop brownish or blackwish patches or cloasma. It is manifested a dark line on the half of the lower abdomen, known as the linea nigra. They can also have hyperpigmentation (darkening of the skin) of the nipples, anal region, and external genitalia. The present of the pregnancy hormone cause the body to make more pigment.

4. Polaquiuria. Perhaps the earliest and most reliable sign that a pregancy has ocurred is the polaquiuria (frequent urination) and nicturia (nighttime urination), which are caused by hormonal changes.

5. Change of the size breast and sensitivity. Increase during pregnancy, while their consistency decreases, making them more susceptible to falls and pendulos. The maternal ariola, which is already darker than the adjacent paws, increases its pigmentation, making it more noticiable.

6. Lactorrea.

The Montgomery and Morgani tuberculose are evident due to an increase in the homon influence at the mother breast.

Pregnancy causes many changes in a woman's soma. Most of this changes disappear after delivery. Such changes cause some symptoms, which are normal. However, such disorders, such as gestational diabetes. For women who have diabetes before they become pregnant, the risk of complications during pregnancy depend on how long diabetes has been present and whether site effects of diabetes, accidental leakage of amniotic fluid, smoking, pre-clamsia, hypertiroidism etc.


The pregnancy is a organic process, complete normal, that demand extent health care of the woman. With develop of the pregnancy great changes occur very quickly. The most important of these changes are cardiac and pulmonary systems; that put into place the ability to provide blood flow, oxygen and nutrition the the rapidly growing fetus and placenta.

Meanwhile, pregnancy has a favorable impact on the body and even on the psyche of the women. It's understood fully that pregnancy is the full fulfillment of sexual activity. This is verified to be significantly dignified and the role of the mother much more valuable.

Emphasize the pregnancy is divided into three trimesters, in 9 months the period the pregnancy got the fulfilment. The progression of every trimester show different hormonal and physical changes in the women. At the same time there is risk to get complications in the different trimester of gestation.

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