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Begin the process for transferring a domain name to Siteground must be Active and not expired date. Unlock the domain name with the hosting site from which it's originate. How good is Siteground Hosting, it's basically a high-speed computer or server that stores images, text, or information. When the people get in your website, the people see all that information you keep on your computer or server. This information is public and you're willing to share it with the people.

This part of your computer keeps data from your website. Also it includes; images, plugins, emails and information in databases. These computers are kept in very conducive conditions to enable the distribution around the web from that information.


Why Siteground and not another web hosting?

Site ground provides fast and safe site hosting. The customer service is excellent and very good throughout the chat, telephone or message.

Many people are satisfied with the service for the price, security and technology that are offered. Other additional benefits.

The website gets life immediately and has a live chat feature to provide timely support, and appears different from other hosting providers that take hours and days.

The performance is much faster thaN the other providers. The files load faster than other hosts.

Siteground Hosting also has a beautiful interface that makes the user enjoy the service, and the feature continue to get better.

How much is Siteground hosting to transfer your domain name?

New clients must go to the web and be directed to the siteground site.

1.StartUp – good for 1 domain

2.GrowBig – ideal for clients with multiple domains

3.GoGeek Siteground – offers more features

Digital Marketing Siteground Hosting Price

You get to choose your package. If you are beginner it is better to choose Start Up than follow these steps

Step 1. Choose Plan

Step 2 Choose Domain

Step 3 Review and Complete

The plan you choose determines the amount of discount you get. The GoGeek plan offers the most discounts. The latter plan also provides control of the emails that you get so that no unwanted emails get through .

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Install WordPress

You go to my account to install WordPress, click on the icon and install the application.

Digital Marketing Siteground

You set up all the requirements for your account install your brand new domain in the Siteground hosting.                                         

Then you go to the interface from the front end and back end. A new Website can be set up or migrate the existing website to the new location.           

Follow the step-by-step instructions, then manage the website again with the detailed instructions provided.

You can also install a second website on this platform.

How Good is Siteground Hosting

It's very good you get the SSL it's Free

You need to secure your website, then you can put the lock by going to the C Panel and search for the SSL that takes a few moves and get your website secure and know it's free of any charge.


Verify your Domain

No additional setup is required because the system has an automatic configuration made for clients.                                     

The Domain can be managed with the administrative portion get the.                                                          

Access the DNS settings and contact information under My Accounts -> Manage Domain.

Domains that are already registered on other hosts can be managed on Siteground by changing the domain's name server.                    

The user area, navigate to My Accounts ->Information & settings -> Account DNS. Due to the variations in presentations, you reach out to the Tech Support of your host and verify the WHOIS check.

Register domain

Create a subdomain

It is easy to make the subdomain by clicking the button under the Create the subdomain.                                               Many subdomains can be created here to the primary domain.. install a second script certificate

Under Site Tools go to the Security and choose SSL Manager.

Create a subdomain

The necessity of having the SSL certificate on your website enables encryption, hide important information.                            This includes payment and bank information.                            The primary Encrypt SSL certificates is free of charge.                The premium SSL and the differences between the two SSLs are listed on the company website. Follow Site Tools -> Security -> SSL Manager.

Find your domain and bring up SSL, the type of SSL. and choose to get.

Upon receiving the SSL, configure your website to make operable secure http, ie. https.

EPP Code Siteground

The domain name the move to SiteGround must be Active and not expired domain. Next, you need to unlock the domain name from the host site on which it originates.                                         The domain must have been created not less than 60 days prior to this action under consideration. Furthermore, the domain must be 15 days before the date of expiration.

The EPP Code Siteground must also be provided. Remember to follow all necessary protocols relating to the Domain transfeR. From the user area, perform the following action:

Email account creation

Add services tab -> Domain transfer.

The EPP Code Siteground must now be entered to review the domain name owner details.

You will receive a notice of completeness of transfer when the transfer is successful, based on the accuracy of the EPP code. If not successful, the process will have to be repeated, and completed up to two weeks.

Get an Email address.

You go to CPanel and search for emails, create the username and password. It is a very fast and easy procedure. It would help if you choose a default configuration like roundcube or another one that can change the interface too.

You can change your email configuration any time you want. You can go to set to change the languages if you want, then make a test by sending and email and checking the inbox to confirm.


EPP Code Siteground and Email Client


All SiteGround Hosting offers many email accounts at no cost to you. These emails are easy to create

by visiting the cPanel and logging into your home page.

My Accounts -> cPanel -.> MAIL section (mail section) -> Email accounts.

User accounts require a strong password, and reports are prepared almost instantaneously.

The website's security is assured, and unwanted messages are blocked but can be reviewed at cPanel -> SpamExperts.

Last but not the least, it is good to know that emails can be set up on both the computer and on the cellphone.


Upgrade Package


Hosting packages allow you to make changes to your plan of choice. SiteGround permits clients to make different packages for your websites, however only packages assigned to one website.

You can upgraded a package by visiting the Client Area then click the profile icon to access the Manage Packages. Press ACTIONS menu adjacent to the hosting package and choose ADD WEBSITE. Next, choose the desired package from the dropdown list.

Hosting upgraded.


How good is Siteground Hosting to Add a Second Domain.


To drive more traffic to your website, a second domain can be registered and parked. This way, clients or visitors who attempt to access the site and type the name in error can still be directed to the intended location. You do not lose these visitors.

To register, go to your Account -> Marketplace -> Domain services. Search for the presence of your Domain. Multiple domains can be registered this way and after, park these domains.

Access the Site Tools then to Dashboards. Another option is to go to accounts -> websites -> Manage. Look for the server details. You are looking for a way how to work with internet.

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Choosing a Hosting is the core part of developing your website. It is like you are choosing the land where you are going to build your house. The advice, looks for the package that adapts to your needs.

Sincerely compared to the other Hosting, this is the best in terms of versatility in this application; you will do each task  with just one click. So I recommend you follow the steps properly and if you make a mistake, you can rectify.

Take Your Promotion, it's over  November 21th 2020.

Your safety is very important, especially when you have been through unpleasant situations. Customer service is excellent, so you won't get stuck on a task. For me in particular, it is one of the best options on the market.

Follow these STEPS  to star your Blog, your website or another project.

1. Choose you domain name close to the main idea or niche.

2.Get your web-hosting plan.

3. Get your killer free web themes free.  Remember getting a website is like building a house if you need help don't think twice of getting from me..






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