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1) Forms of subscription to contents: within the web, there are several forms to activate the subscription managed by Active Campaign to carry out marketing campaigns by email (Mailerlite autoresponder) subscription management and sending newsletters.
2) Comments form: The web includes a form to comment on the post. The user will be able to post comments in the posts that are published. The personal data entered in the form to insert these comments will be used exclusively to moderate and publish them.
3) Contact form: There is a contact form for inquiries, suggestions or professional contact. In this case, the email address will be used to respond to them and send the information that the user requires through the web.
4) Cookies: When the user registers or navigates on this website, "cookies" are stored. The user can consult the cookie policy at any time to expand information on the use of cookies and how to deactivate them.
5) Sale of information: Through the web page, you can buy publications and info products, in this case, the buyer's information is required (Name, last name, address and e-mail) through the payment platforms already described.
6) Users can unsubscribe at any time from the services provided by from the same Newsletter.
7) Tracking systems used in this site: Google (Analytics) In we also study the preferences of its users, their demographic characteristics, their traffic patterns, and other information together to understand better who constitutes your audience and what is it that you need. Tracking the preferences of our users also helps us show you the most relevant ads. Also,
I would like to inform you that for the recruitment of subscribers and customers I use Facebook Ads so when generating an advertisement, you can segment the audience by location, demographic data, interests, etc. so the data obtained by this platform, would be subject to this privacy policy from the moment the user leaves their data to join the newsletter of my community. I will not share, sell, rent your personal information with other parties. I may share certain information with the authorized third party service providers necessary to provide you with some services.

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