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What is the Cause of High Blood Pressure.

High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a Silent Killer.   High blood pressure is present in  many people walking around with this disease without any symptoms or sing that nothing is wrong. The hypertension is called the Century XXI silent Plaque. High blood pressure is a chronic disease characterized by the continued increase of the blood pressure …

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What Build You Up.

Source from Vitamins

What the Nutrients do For You. Today one truth challenge is the deficit of micro-nutrients (vitamins, minerals, and essential amino acids) that keep the body secure, well grow and maintain the vital functions; that is the reason Nutrition is good for you. The parameter related to nutritious diet establishes, the graphic representation of the main …

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Diversity of Addictions


How addiction affect families Brain Function from the Reward System Addiction is the use of psychoactive substance has become part of humanity from antique of civilization. The old primates ancestors of man have been like overripe fruits, contain one such amount of fermented sugars and ethyl alcohol. The ingestion of such fruits implicates adaptive advantage, …

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Keep the Immune System Healthy

Stem Cells and Bone Marrow

How the Immune System work naturally Adult Stem cells are the hope for the treatment of diseases which are unhealed. The activation from stem cells are the primary material of Regenerative Medicine. They look to repair and sustain damaged tissue in the human body using a similar mechanism that the body use in a natural …

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Vaccine again the Paludism or Malaria

Paludism vaccine

  The Vaccine again the Paludism   This vaccine protegé again the four types of Paludism, with different degrees of efficacy in every one kind. After many years of research and trial, finally, it gets a health license and approved for the Sanitary again Risk Protection of Federal Commissioner (Cofepris) for the commercialization in Mexico. The …

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Steps to follow in case of a Natural Disaster.

Detection of High blood pressure

Steps to follow in Disasters. The first thing is to calm down because somebody needs to lead the disaster, It is stressful but you need to have a clear mind. What is an emergency, is a situation demanding immediate action. The person supposed to have the urgent level and act in a short time; to …

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Woman Changes With the Pregnancy.

Woman Pregnancy Changes

The Pregnancy and the Change in the Woman. Pregnancy and Physical changes Woman change with the pregnancy the body undergo around the nine month .of  the gestation Some of these physical changes are notorious, such as an expansion of the skin, melisma and dryness, growing of the belly, weight gain, at once the enlarged of …

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Alzheimer associate with Diabetes Type II

Diabetes Mellitus

Association of Hyperglycemia and Insomnia with Alzheimer. Hyperglycemia presence  show in the Neuroscience the Alzheimer is a disease irreversible, a progressive brain disorder that slowly destroys memory and thinking ability. Diabetes Tipe II and relationship between the high consumption of sugar and associated with function neurodegenerative Alzheimer, Diabetes type II, Obesity and Cardiopathy. The Alzheimer has …

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The Benefit of Having Good Thoughts

Mind programing

The Importance of Your Good Thoughts Emotional Intelligence is the expression of your good thoughts, you become what you say. Inside you is your spirit which keeps you alive. You can not see the spirit but it is represented by the air your breath, (chemical compounds Oxygen and Carbon) elements; important in the vital function of …

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How Can You Boost Your Immunity.

Inmunity 911

 Boost your Immunity with Immunotherapies. How to Boost your Immnunity with Immunetherapy is one system that can help our body get protection again pathogen and external aggretion. For many centuries, we know is possible to attach some grows to induce one immune answer. William Coley, an American surgeon, applied a shock of bacteria to his …

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