Diabetes Type II and Alzheimer association

Hyperglycemia and insomnia are associated with Alzheimer's.

Alzheimer's is an incurable disease, a progressive brain disorder that gradually destroys memory and thinking ability.Diabetes Type II, Obesity and Cardiopathy are associated with the high consumption of sugar and the neurodegenerative functions of Alzheimer's, diabetes type II, obesity and cardiopathy.

Alzheimer's has a high prevalence. Its cascade of events produces a deposit out of the neurons in the brain for a protein called Amyloid and produces the answer to the inflammation damage in the neurons that leads to many cognitive functions for the deposit of this protein, Amyloid. In Alzheimer's disease, there is a molecular connection between the excess of glucose in the blood, the inflammatory process, and genetic conditions.

Brain damage

Hyperglycemia and neuronal damage

It is very important for cerebral activity to keep the levels of glucose stable. When there is hyperglycemia, possible is vascular damage. When the brain has an excess of glucose, it does not well nourish that which produces damage; the excess in chronic produces fatty acids in the body and leads to obesity.

A person who is overweight has a high risk of developing diabetes type II. Glucose is vital for the good function of the brain. It works well with a sufficient amount of sugar.

It is necessary to avoid this risk factor when glucose is in excess in the body. Glucose is one sugar (glucose pure) that the organism uses to produce energy.

This hormone works in harmony with another hormonal function; insulin controls hyperglycemia and glucagon controls hypoglycemia.

Another factor, like age and lifestyle, It is necessary for the implementation of physical activity. Intellectual activity is like the brain in the gym that gives strength to your cognitive process.

The association between Diabetes Mellitus type II and Alzheimer's disease.

People that have diabetes have a 65% chance of developing Alzheimer's. Diana's identification; in molecular development, it adds to another molecule in glycosylation; the ages (glycosylation final products advance).

The presence of aging is present in the early development of Alzheimer's disease, with the presence of stress oxidative in the cells and inflammation. For the accumulation of the protein b, amiloride, the cytokine (MIF, Macrophage Migration Inhibitory). Other proteins, which draw the map of the progress of this disease,

When the autoregulation of these hormones fails, that is when diabetes type II begs. The key is to understand the neuropsychological status of the person. Good health, such as a diet that combats the risk factor to reduce the start of the clinic, physical activity, social networking, and a high level of education, are all important.

One system with the use of the bicycle with the feet of people will remember the important place in their lives. They help to develop dopamine in the brain through physical and mental stimulation, which helps to improve memory function.

Normal and damage brain.
IMR show deposit of Beta Amiloid protein

How is Alzheimer's diagnosed?

The symptomatology of neurodegenerative illness does not represent symptoms until the development of One report in Neurology shows that lack of sleep is associated with a high risk of Alzheimer's.

Scientists from Wisconsin-Madison University (EU) found a direct relationship between sleep disorders and biologic marks for the disease, found in the cere-brospinal liquid.

This research shows that not having enough sleep produces the storage of tau and b-amyloid proteins in the brain, forming plaques and nodules. The deputation of the brain works well in the sleep period.


The tau protein has had a relationship for decades with the disease, as published by Nature revealed, with high-resolution images of the chemical structure. The suspicious is not only at the root of Alzheimer's disease and other neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson's.

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