Healthy Productivity the Heart Balance.

Health and productivity

By Richard Brody.

Healthy Productivity

Wind Mindset that Overcome

Healthy Productivity is concluded by Henry Ford,  generally credited with saying. You can think you’re right or wrong, Either way, you’ll be correct. Other is credited with proclaiming. Whatever the mind of man, can perceive and conceive, he can achieve.

If all other factors are considered equal, it’s important, therefore, to realize, and recognize, there is a strong, relevant correlation, between, one’s physical health and mental health, attitude and well -being!

Some people focus entirely on the logical approach, to life, while others, proceed, in an entirely, emotional one. In the vast majority of instances, those, who, live life, fully, balance these two components, in a head/heart balance, and proceed accordingly.

By doing so, they generally, are capable of overreacting, far less, while paying keen attention, to the relevant issues and details.

With that in mind, this article will attempt, to briefly, consider, review, examine and discuss, the relationships between health and productivity and taking charge of one’s own destiny, by proceeding in a focused, balanced life.


The wellness is the balance between BSM


        5 Principles to Acquire Healthy Productivity.

# 1. Logical essential: You’ll benefit when you learn, as much as possible, about health-related issues, and options/alternatives. When might conventional wisdom, be the wisest course of action? when is some alternative approach, preferable? Rather than, merely, looking at your choices, as an all, or none way/option. it is wisest to proceed, with an open mind and learns, evolving technique and discoveries, in terms of health care, etc. The danger of ignoring logic is losing the opportunity to proceed, in a knowledgable manner!


# 2. Emotional components: Proceeding with a positive, can – do, attitude, creates a strong advantage, because, studies, often, indicate, most people experience overall better health when they believe they will, and have a good outlook!. However, it might be dangerous, to proceed, only, emotionally, rather than in combination with a degree of logic!.


# 3. Productivity: when one is productive, he feels better about himself, and usually, that creates a better chance at overall, well-being. Rather than focusing on your weaknesses, and letting stresses, etc. control you, productive individuals, generally, proceed with a calmer, high amount of self-confidence, etc.

# 4. Health and happiness: While, even the happiest people, can suffer, from a debilitating illness, etc. A happy person, often, has the best chance to heal, because he feels, he will! There is no simple path, but, rather, a happier person, is often a healthier one!

#5. Head/Heart Balance: Using the finest, core principles of quality logic, and calming emotions, brings on a helpful head/heart balance! Reduce unnecessary stress and tension, and you will generally, feel much better! Will you be, your best friend, or worst enemy?


Richard has owned businesses, been a COO, CEO. Director of Development, consultant, professionally run events, consulted to thousands and conducted personal development seminars for 4 decades.

Basically, you need to reprogram and change your mindset, from this way you’ll be improved many things that set you back.  Don forget to like this post, leave your comments or point of view and share with your beautiful friends.


GMOs and 4 Possible Side Effects.

GMOs Site effects

What Build you Up

GMOs and Side Effects.

GMOs (genetical modification organisms )  or organic is a very thin line, at the moment to decided to consume. Because something is difficult to make the differentiation. You need to decide between more nutritious or less malicious. The last decision is in your hands, the information is education.

The creation of GMOs is the introduction of genetic material or DNA from a different organism through a process called genetic engineering.

Great variety of GMO exists in the market like foods like plants, such as fruit and vegetables.

All this food genetically engineered plants on sale in the United States are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). They meet safety requirements like traditional food

 Exist controversy over the risk and benefits of GMO foods, We discuss the adverse effect in the health of the individuals.


Producers are using genetic modification to give foods more desirable appeal Creating varieties of peaches than turn less orange when they get bruised.

Genetically modification can also increase the nutritional value or enhance flavor. All of these factors contribute to a low cost for the consumer. They can also ensure that more people have access to food in case of need.

The GMOs is a relatively new practice, little is know about the long term effects and safety.

The Possible Side Effects.

# 1.  Cancer

Some investigation shows up that eating GMO foods can contribute to the development of  CANCER. The argument because the disease is caused by mutations in DNA, Of course, is dangerous to introduce new genes into the body.

The American Cancer Society (ACS) said that there is no evidence for this at the moment. Because the use and consume is new.

# 2. Antibacterial Resistance.

There is a concern that genetic modification, which can boost a crop’s resistance to disease or make it tolerant to herbicides, could affect the ability of people to defend against illness.

Exist a small change that the genes in food can transfer to cells the body or bacteria in the gut. Some GMO plants contain genes that make them resistant to certain antibiotics. This resistance could transfer on to humans.

The Global actual reality is the growing concern that people becoming increasingly resistant to antibiotics. Exist the possibility that GMO foods could be contributing to making a big crisis.

# 3. Allergic Reactions.

I personally believe that GMO foods have more potential to trigger allergic reactions. This is because they may contain genes from an allergen – (an allergen is a food, particle or molecule that prompts an allergic reaction).

The World Health Organization (WHO) disappoint genetic engineers from using DNA from allergens unless they can prove the gene itself does not cause the problem.

#4. The Outcrossing of varieties.

The outcrossing refers to the risk of genes from certain GMO plants mixing with those of conventional crops.

There have been reports of low levels of GMO crops approved as an animal feed for industrial use being found in food meant for human consumption.


Turn on your picture.

Help to Identify Genetic Modified Organism.

In the US, no regulations mandate that foods derived from GMOs are labeled. This is because this food must meet the same safety standards that apply to all FDA regulated products. then doesn’t need additional regulation.

The FDA has determined that GMO food should be labeled as such if it is materially different from its conventional counterpart.

New National Bioengineered Food Disclosure Standart will come into law in January 2020. Under the new rules, all foods containing genetically engineered ingredients will be labeled as “derived from bioengineering” or ‘bioengineered”.

Finding Organic Products and not GMO food.

GMO foods have been available in the US since 1990. The most common GMO crops grown in the country are cotton, corn, and soybeans. US Department of Agriculture has reported that 94 percent of soybean at 90 percent of cotton crops were genetically modified by 2014. Currently, up to 90% of domestic corn acres are made from herbicide-tolerant seeds.

Seeds from genetically modified, insect-resistant crops account for 82 percent of all domestic corn planted and 85 percent of all cotton planted in the US.

Potatoes, squash apples, and papayas are also commonly modified.

Most GMO crops become ingredients in other foods, These include:

sugar derived from sugar beets.

corn, canola, and soybean oils in mayonnaise, dressings, and bread.

maize starch in soups and sauces.

corn syrup used as a sweetener.

GMO crops are relatively new, and researchers know little about their long-term safety and health effects.

There are several conscious concern regarding GMO food, and evidence from them varies. Do you know if your daily consume are coming from organics resources?


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