Effects from the Stress in the body.

4 Benefits of Emotional Intelligent


It’s possible the bad emotions produce physical discomfort. The sadness cause tiredness. The feelings you experience can affect everyone is of your body.

Have you ever thought about how the feeling or emotions affect your body?

There are a few times that people think about how thoughts and emotions impact the body and our health. Most of the time, we follow the stress pattern, the tension, anxiety, the hurry, the hopeless and other negative feelings, that impact your emotions and body, lowering the quality of life.

Everyone can understand the connection between body and mind is very important than we think. However, our thoughts and emotions can be determined at the time of the stimulation in the production of such substances that influence our physical and emotional health. For example, the Serotonin and the Dopamine are 2 substances that our brain produces when we have one state of happiness of euphoria. The same occurs with the negative emotions, in the place to produce wellness in our body, generate pain and many displeasure or hassle.


Effects from the stress
Effects from the stress

Our brain has the ability to store important information and that is determined by the behavior and the relationship with the body. We are responsible to give the connotation positive or negative to every moment we go through every single day.

Our emotions can be the result of some physical discomfort, which is an indication of what we go through in difficult times, in which the emotions and the negative thoughts keep you paralyzed. For example, the constant discomfort on the neck is one indication for the stability to see different perspectives. The sensation of inexplicable pain in the limbs is the indication of fear paralyzed you, for lack of ability to take important decisions.

The pain in the high back it has a relation with a lack of love; the pain in the middle of the back it’s a relationship with the inability to don’t let them go the past, and the pain in the low back it has a relation with the financial stress. One feel of pain in the knee can show afraid, pride and lack to overtake the ego.

Keep peace to avoid stress
Keep peace to avoid stress

When you go through a situation that produces anger, the body produces one biochemistry effect that increases the Adrenaline levels. The sad feelings have high efficiency in our energy and motivation every single day. The sad feeling can bring fatigue, tiredness and low levels of energy.

Part of life is no having good moments full of happiness and go through difficult moments, that test our strength and the ability to control our emotions. To overcome the thoughts and negative emotions that affect us, at whatever moment of our life is important to bring positive thoughts in every experience for difficult and disaster it looks like.

Every day,  when getting up is an important program our body and mind to take the challenges to bring every day. And the opportunity to live well an be happy. In our mind we have the amazing power to do, all such kind of things, we desire to be. It’s important to see an optimistic way and always look at the good side of the things. It’s doesn’t matter how hard it looks.

If the negative feeling and emotions, it tries to take control of your life and health. Take a few minutes to reflex and meditate on how you can handle this situation. Is a waste of energy and time, when you keep such kind of negative thoughts, that allow you to make mistakes and fell stress.

It’s Scientific proven that the optimistic and good emotions; like happiness, laughter release the endorphins, hormones responsible for the strength of our Immunologic System. On another hand that negative emotions can produce the contrary effects; that cause weakness of the Immune System and the predisposition to the body to be sick.

Be optimistic don’t change the situation but is valuable, to keep our emotional and physical health, that give us clarity in the mind, to find the best alternative to give solution to every single problem.


Stress and Complication in you Life


The Development of Spiritual Life Promote Health.

How You Can Put Your Body in Balance.

To build a healthy body with healthy eating; a variety of foods that give you the nutrients that maintain the balance; feel good and have energy. These nutrients include protein, carbohydrates, fat, water, vitamins and minerals. The right nutrition keeps the body in all his capabilities, that allow developing energy and good function on every organ. A healthy body means such kind of body without any dysfunction or disease.

On the other hand, a healthy body is promoting wellness. Wellness becomes aware of being a healthy and fulfilling life. Wellness is the process to change and grow a complete state of physical, mental and social well being, in any case with the absence of disease. The sick body can not reflect balance and harmony, it can be in less degree. As soon you are aware of your wellness,, you can look depth to find the core of yourself which is in your spirit.

Also the development of spirituality. The daily activity of the regular meditation in the word of God, strengthen up and building up your spirit. The deep and vital part of your life; it is the spirit. Your life is prescribed for the fulfilling of your breath. If you lost your breath that means, you lost your life. Is very important you keep in balance your breath through it, you show you’re alive. A soon you have breathing problems you life is really in threat.

Without faith, you cannot get accomplishment the levels of health that you’re expected. Do you know, you holy faith can promote your healing. There are different kinds of faith; little a great faith. The little faith or weak is the result of the insufficient information ( word of God). Faith comes by hearing, if you don’t hear and know the word, your faith will never grow. The thing you need to have a Great or strong faith is mediated in the God word and energize you, to get the spiritual strength that makes you well.

When you have spiritual meditation, your life is prone to keep it on the right path. Your are an extent to have stress, depression, defined and incurable disease or hopeless situation. It doesn’t matter what stressful is outside of the environment you have strength and security for the thing you’re expected. You have developed all your muscle of faith, that you know every challenge of trails is the opportunity to put the God word to work on your behalf and you will get the positive outcome to all circumstances.

When you’re facing the crisis of life, you have the spiritual tools to face every adversity. If you don’t have the deep knowledge of God word, your life if be like a ship without any pilot; hat the waves of life comes to you to make you sink. Then you need to exercise your knowledge of God, be impregnated with his word, that equips you to face every enemy, adversity or threat of life.  Glory to God for his word is the wheel for your life, that gives us the opportunity to redirect our destiny.


Steps to follow in case of a Natural Disaster.

Steps to follow in Disasters.

The first thing is to calm down because of somebody need to lead the disaster, is stressful but you need to have a clear mind. What is an emergency, is a situation demanding immediate action. The person supposed to have the urgent level and act in a short time; to take decision for the life of others, for in any moment to act correctly. Follow the protocol with this acronym PAS, it means Protection, Alert and Help.

The protection is important to take care of the three dimensions. The auto protection for limited the disaster area; has the minimal factor of security that allows giving help. Every person is vulnerable to the stress level, there is the predisposition to make mistakes or get an accident, and expose the life of others in risk. The hormonal storm that stress generates releases Adrenaline, Cortisol, and Endorphins. The Psychology effect of this produces taquichardia, high pulse, hyperglycemia and the distractor effect (analgesia). The endorphin’s don’t produce pain in the moment of trauma, also are lost of the peripheral vision for the increase of adrenaline, with more vulnerability.


The Alert. To create alert signs to the rest of the people in case of one devasting situation. In the stress situation, we move around the area devasting at keeps the safety. To verify your security and not to hurt other people. To be alert in the situation, get the concrete information about the injured person, check the conscious from the person, or the presence of pain, it has something blooding or exposes. Be aware that everything can happen when you have high levels of stress and loss of the peripheral vision.

The help can give help regards the skill and knowledge you have the right equipment to can help. If the person is in danger, give the first AID in case of life threat. The first AID are helper maneuver, the stop the blooding, of immobilized a broken bones and open the air flow in case of obstruction, or find one situation that real threat the life, as a shock, heart attack, blinding, broken bones, etc. Have in hands the basic material and equipment for the first AID is vital.

How can determinate one person has the heart attack, if we find a person on the floor when doesn’t answer to the stimulation, and find lost of the muscle tone. We find signs of life in the way of breath. When it has all this sign is vulnerable to the collapse. We can keep the respiratory areas permeable, find the normal breathing looking for the normal pattern. Where is tall us about the oxygen it gets in good distribution from the blood to the brain if the person doesn’t breath she is in cardiac arrest.

The Woman Changes With the Pregnancy.

The Pregnancy and the Change in the Woman.
Diverse Changes with the Pregnancy
Physical changes
A pregnant woman’s body undergoes many changes around the nine month of  the pregnancy. Some of these physical changes are notorious such as an expanding of the skin, melisma and dryness, growing of the belly, weight gain, at the same time the enlarged of uterus. And some symptomatology like morning sickness, back ache because of the change in the spine. However some of this change most woman experiment physically and there are other ones present inside of the body, especially in the brain.

Physiological changes
The changes in the blood are determinate with the appearance of the conception (human gonadotropin HCG) called the announcer of pregnancy it can find in the urine too. Other hormones are working to keep the pregnancy until the term; like estrogens and progesterone. One study gives evidence of the brain changes in the woman for 2 years after the pregnancy. The pregnancy is development for the function of hormones like estrogen, Progesterone hormones and another that allow the pregnancy before and after the delivery. The confirmation give us this results, The analysis of the brain, we fond reduction of gray are with the purpose to improve, the special memory and home memory.

Hormonal changes
The sexual hormones that give modifications of the brain. The brain of the woman after pregnancy with the decrease of gray are, not conduce to any deficit cognitive; only promote the capacity to be a mother to engage the effective association with the baby and get understanding to the new born. It’s present in all the woman, in less or mayor degree depending on how many pregnancies she was experienced.

Temporal brain changes
The image of the brain play the important place in the maternal conduct (decrease of the gray area). No changes in the woman with natural pregnancy compared with the pregnant assistant. The presence of changes only affect the woman, these changes continued at less for around two years.  The different changes only are temporal; the woman after the pregnancy get some changes in his character regarding the affective engagement with the baby.

Other important changes
Usual changes from the pregnancy; cycle menstrual interruption, changes in the appetite, craving, urgency to urinate, breast changes, get dark skin, abdominal stretch. The presence of anemia which be determine for pale skin and tiredness, the pregnancy is requesting all the kind of nutrients from the mom for the development of the fetus. Extra addition of vitamins and ferrous is requesting in this stage

The Diabetes Mellitus Gestational. It’s conditions is development around the pregnancy and it disappear after the pregnancy. The risk of this kind of Diabetes don’t request insulin. When the woman has Diabetes Mellitus is necessary has in control the glucose to get one normal evolution of the pregnancy and healthy child. Another complication are ectopic pregnancy, Cardiopathy and Hypertension Arterial Systemic this last condition, when don’t get enough control around the pregnancy can progress to Preeclampsia.

High Levels of Sugar and Insomnia Associate with the Alzheimer.

Association of Hyperglycemia and Insomnia with Alzheimer.

The new study show in the Neuroscience the Alzheimer is a disease irreversible, a progressive brain disorder that slowly destroys memory and thinking ability. The relationship between the high consumption of sugar and associated with function neurodegenerative Alzheimer, Diabetes type II, Obesity and Cardiopathy.

The Alzheimer has a high prevalence. Its cascade of events produce for deposit out of the neuron the brain for a protein called Amyloid and produce the answer the inflammation damage in the neurons, conduce to many cognitive functions for the deposit of this protein b Amyloid. In the Alzheimer, there is a molecular connection between the excess of glucose in the blood, the inflammatory process, and genetic conditions.


Hyperglycemia and neuronal damage.
The sugar is very important for cerebral activity, to keep the levels of glucose. When there is hyperglycemia possible is vascular damage, when the brain has an excess of glucose it does not well nourish that produce damage; the excess in chronic produce fatty in the body and conduct obesity. The person with overweight has a high risk to develop Diabetes type II. The glucose is vital for the good function of the brain, it works well with enough amount of sugar.

When the glucose is in excess in the body is necessary to avoid this risk factor. The Glucose is one sugar (glucose pure) that the organism uses to produce energy. This hormone work in harmony with another hormonal function; the insulin controls the hyperglycemia a the Glucagon control the hypoglycemia. Another factor like age and lifestyle. Is necessary the implementation of the physical activity, intellectual activity is like the brain in the gym that gives strength to your cognitive process.

The connection between Diabetes Mellitus type II and Alzheimer disease.

The person that have Diabetes have the 65% to develop Alzheimer. The identification of the Diana; in the molecular development, it adds to another molecule in the glycosylation, the ages (final products of glycosylation advance). The presence of ages is present in the early development of the Alzheimer disease, with the presence of stress oxidative in the cell and inflammation. For the accumulation the protein b Amiloride, the cytokine (MIF Macrophage migration inhibitory). Other proteins, they draw the map how is the progress of this disease.

When the autoregulation of these hormones fails is when the Diabetes type II begging. The key is intake the neuropsychological status of the person. Take good health like the diet that combat the risk factor to reduce the beginning clinic, the good physic activity, social nets, high level of education. One system with the use of the bicycle with the feet from the people will remember the important place in his life. Throughout the physical and mental stimulation; help to develop the Dopamine in the brain that helps to improve the good function of the advancing of memory.

Insomnia and relationship with Alzheimer’s.
The symptomatology of neurodegenerative illness does not represent symptoms until the development. In one report of Neurology, show the lack of sleep is associated with a high risk of Alzheimer. The scientist for the Wisconsin-Madison University (EU) there is a direct relationship between the sleep disorders and biologic marks for the disease, found it in the cerebrospinal liquid. This research shows that not having enough sleep produce the store the tau and b Amyloid protein in the brain formed plaques and nodules, the depuration of the brain works well in the sleep period.

The tau Protein.
The tau protein has a relationship for decades with the disease, published from Nature revealed, with high-resolution images the chemical structure. The suspicious is not only behind the Alzheimer and another neurodegenerative disease like the Parkinson.

Be optimistic don’t change the situation but is valuable, to keep our emotional and physical health, that gives us clarity in the mind, to find the best alternative to give a solution to every single problem.  Show your love with your friends and with others should be benefit with this post.

How to have a great day.

Physical activity.


I wish you a great day!

The first thing you need to do when you get up is getting a mental program, putting good thoughts in your mind like; it’a great day, everything will be well, I will be accomplished all my goals for today etc.

Full yourself with energy now, the existence from energy with the move means the good way you can promote energy is doing physical activity; like jogging or gym. Always have priorities, choose what is important for your life. And don’t allow somebody else takes the decision for you, in that way you are in charge.

Get spiritual, to have confidence.  The faith is the confidence. You can plan to accomplish the things we cannot see, but we can imagine that motive or desire can be possible with the eyes of faith. The daily growth of the faith is a key to make thing happen. The daily development of spiritual life is close to the faith. Spirituality is the engine that motives your life, you can be very spiritual and don’t have faith.

Keep happiness, do the thing that you enjoy. Remember past things that make you happy and creates the environment today to have new happy experiences; around every place in your life, house, school of work. Don’t allow external causes to steal your joy. The simple act to give free smile, change the day to the person who received that gift. Smile promote the production of endorphins in your blood, that allows you to feel very good. You don’t need to get intoxicated to be happy.

The enthusiasm means possed by God. Well, all depend on what you do, most people they are to used to work with the crowd and be in the crowd growth the fulfillment. Everyone needs to have the enthusiasm to attract the right people to your company or project. The enthusiasm is the sparks that attract the right people to you. Imagine have the joy, faith, and enthusiasm. These are real weapons that can help you to get goals done for every single day.

Remember to do from your life, the best that ever. Because in that way you’re prepared to have more happiness, more joy, and more goals and fulfillment. Should me your love, Remember the thoughts are represented by emotions, and the emotions, conduce to the action. You can plan to have better thoughts that produce good emotions and positive feedback.

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Digestive Problems related with Hepatotoxicity.

Cleanse of Detoxification from the Colon

 Digestive Problems and Liver Function.

With Digestive Problems, the Liver is a vital organ in the important function of a good state of health, though it can storage nutrient and filter toxins that damage highly our body. This hard job can make it weak and damage the process.

The intoxication of the liver is common, almost all the time it’s the wrong diagnosis with the “digestive problem“. It should you what are the characteristic symptoms and the correct diagnosis and promote some detox procedures that promote de good function.

Importance of the liver in the digestive process is to recognize that have more than 500 functions, the principals; bile production, glucose, proteins, vitamin and fat production, hemoglobin production and ammonia to urea conversion.

The principal roll in the final products of the huge regulation of the digestive process, that gets absorbed through the intestinal mucosa and transporter after through the Portal circulation.

The liver receives endogens substances to free fatty acids and amino acid, derived from metabolic process and other tissues.

Digestive System Distribution
Digestive System Distribution


What are the Early Sign of Liver Problems

The existence of abnormal digestive problems shows up when the body is an overcharge of toxins which generally are stored in the liver. Those are the symptoms that show liver intoxication.

Chronic fatigue.

Chronic uncontrollable fatigue. It’s characterized when the person arises lethargy, the intense tiredness like the person doesn’t sleep that all.

Due to the body around the sleep hours develop multiples digestives and clean functions.  In the case of liver intoxication, this process doesn’t get completed, that means the bodywork in half of his capacity.

Digestives problems.

The most frequent signs are bloat, pain, diarrhea or constipation, difficulties to lose weight, lack of appetite and nausea. It got worse with the fat diet, red meat or alcohol included.

When this happening is important to choose one natural detox procedure.

Out of control of the emotions.                                                                                     

The liver intoxication produces chemical unbalance in the brain and the hormones. This can produce emotional problems, principally bad mood, anguish, anxiety, and desperation.

If you experiment frequent change of mood than joining digestives problems and fatigue it’s important the liver evaluation.

Other frequent symptoms.                                                                                      

When there is stress in the liver can develop some symptoms. Digestive Problems or Symptoms like Halitosis, difficulty to digest fatty food, anxiety, excessive transpiration.

Halitosis, difficulty to digest fatty food, anxiety, excessive transpiration and bad smell, concentration difficulty and forgoes, muscle and joint pain, bladder problems and allergies, eruptions in the skin, acne, eczema, and headache.

The liver is the bigness organ in the body, responsible for any function of the body. Then we find an alternative that allows preserving the good and healthy functionality and cut off every bad every activity that prevents wellness in his function.     


Additional information Toxic Hepatitis

How I Can Not keep My Good Health.

Cleanse your Colon

Definition of Health.

The health is determinative, for the development of the different functions of the body; physical, mental and social. Health is the absences of disease, means when you don’t have any symptoms or signs that affecting our organs, body. You are healthy and strong.
The definition of health, Latin root Salus, in reference to the total wellness in an individual. Even more, health is the object of medical science, with different disciplines.

imagesSDAVPKR7.jpg photo

The Health World Organization (OMS) recognized the health is the full state of wellness included these factors: Physical, mental and social.
Some years after 1991 from 1948, some persons recognized the harmony from the natural environment is an important part of the person. It means, you can not be healthy if your house is close to a polluted fabric, which produces in you adverse side effects. Or a big symptom; like pain, cough because the environment it’s not healthy, which it can be impact your body with bad fillings.

The wellness is determined for the health care of the body and mental harmony between individuals. With the development of actions that protect and cover, the balance of our body. And the connection with social and natural. One of these actions is the physical exercise, when many professional bits of advice like, take 30 minutes daily, doesn’t be sedentary (No physical activity).
People who are inactive tend to have higher heart rates of blood pressure. The higher your heart rate, the harder your heart must work with each contraction and the stronger the force in your arteries. Lack of physical activity put your body to get overweight or obesity.

Or another hand is important too the nutrition, that means it doesn’t eat less; otherwise the necessary amount and the meals that give us vitamins, proteins, and minerals. That allows to keep the healthy body, like the milk and lacteous that give us, essential Calcium for the healthy bones.
Meals and nutrient.
One essential part to develop a good quality of life is the application of one good and healthy nourish in balance and responsibility. Due to the different routine’s of the population and the high cost of the food.
The definition of Nourishment is the process, where the meals and to the body enough nutrients for the development. The nourish is very important in human health

The Benefit of Having Good Thoughts.

The Importance of Your Thoughts

You are the expression of your thoughts, you become what your say. Inside of you is your spirit which keep you alive. You can not see the spirit but it is represented by the air your breath, (chemical compounds Oxygen and Carbon) elements; important in the vital function of the body.
The spirit is not visible, is transported through the blood to your whole body. It’s wonderful, how every vital function of you body, is orchestrated for the perfect work.
Be conscious of the spirit, is the life in itself. It’s the breath of life, when a person
dies the firs thing he loses is the breathe. Keep in place you breath circle, it help you to have more energy and tranquility.


The harmony between your body and spirit.
Part of the life is to have good moments full of happiness and go through difficult moments, that test your strength and the ability to control our emotions. To overcome the thought and negative emotions that affect us, in whatever moment of our life is important to bring positive thoughts in every experience for difficult and disaster look like

Every day when you getting up, is important program your body and mind to take the control of the day and the challenges. It’s give you the opportunity to do well and be optimistic. We have in mind the amazing power, all we desire you need to program in your mind. Look the optimistic path, taking control of your life and finding solutions for every difficulty.